14.05.2024, Author: André Will-Laudien

Ideally positioned with over 240 properties

The world is in turmoil. Numerous geopolitical conflicts, such as between China and Taiwan, as well as unrest in Argentina and the Kashmir region, are aggravating the political worldview almost daily. Added to this are the ongoing armed conflicts in Ukraine and between Israel and the Middle East. An escalation in which the US and NATO could also be involved can no longer be ruled out. Investors' need for security is, therefore, constantly increasing. If the central banks do little to combat inflation, the hope of interest rate cuts will likely remain unfulfilled for some time to come. This brings precious metals to the fore. Their prices have risen sharply in the last 6 months. Globex Mining's extensive commodity portfolio is facing a significant revaluation in this mixed situation.

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08.05.2024, Author: André Will-Laudien

On the path to becoming a midsize producer

Despite all political efforts to make energy supply entirely renewable, it must be recognized that this goal will only be feasible in certain zones of the planet. In the northern hemisphere, there are many hydroelectric power plants, and solar and wind power are already being integrated into the global energy transition. However, in countries such as China, India and Brazil, demand is so great that it can only be met with fossil fuels. Producers of fossil resources exist around the globe, with the largest deposits currently found in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Africa and North and South America. Canada holds reserves for the next 250 years. Saturn Oil & Gas has set itself the task of building a medium-sized producer there. With the acquisition of further oil and gas assets in Saskatchewan, production capacity will increase to 38,000 to 40,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day - another transformative development.

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07.05.2024, Author: Stefan Feulner

New tests started

Logistics companies around the world are in a tight spot. On the one hand, they have to meet the climate targets set by governments, while on the other, e-commerce continues to drive growth in the delivery market. Stellar Market Research has calculated that this sector will likely grow from USD 486.47 billion in 2023 to USD 648.84 billion by the end of the decade. The consequences are clearly defined. The industry needs more delivery vehicles on the roads, which will drive emissions even higher. Hydrogen innovator First Hydrogen offers the solution with its hydrogen fuel cell-powered light commercial vehicles. After successfully completing the first test runs with renowned fleet operators in the UK, multinational logistics companies are now throwing their hats into the ring.

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25.03.2024, Author: André Will-Laudien

Deglobalization is in full swing

Information is the necessary oxygen for the capital markets. Given rising inflation rates, geopolitical uncertainties and disrupted supply chains, international networking is more important than ever. The world is in a phase of deglobalization, in which dependence on distant suppliers reveals the vulnerability of industrial business models. Anyone purchasing large quantities of raw materials and supplies today is looking for reliable partners and secure transportation routes. The Australian company Aspermont can look back on a 560-year history and has been actively building its network of decision-makers for several years. The Company collects important industry information from the industrial and raw materials sectors. The business approach is now proving to be a blockbuster in a changing world. With the publication of the 2023 figures, Aspermont highlights important fundamental changes for the future. The change has begun, and it is happening fast!

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18.03.2024, Author: André Will-Laudien

Surrounded by potential buyers

The gold price is in a good mood again. After forming a top between USD 1,600 and USD 2,100 for almost four years, it managed to break above the old high in March. The new all-time high now stands at USD 2,195. It is no wonder that this new level needs to be solidified first. Last week, the precious metal consolidated slightly to USD 2,150. In the medium term, this is not a disaster, as investors have now rediscovered the asset class. Initially, the producers of gold and silver have already risen by 10 to 15% from their lows. A special story is unfolding in Mali, West Africa. Here, Desert Gold is progressing step by step and attracting a lot of attention. The price of the favourable share has already doubled. So, the train has left the station, and the potential for a takeover is a multiple of the current valuation.

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14.03.2024, Author: André Will-Laudien

The share price is well deserved - P/E ratio of 1

Fossil fuels have been in high demand again in recent months. On the one hand, global conflicts and the operation of weapons technology are not devouring solar power, and on the other, the German government has cut short its own e-mobility strategy by ending the environmental bonus. The desire for momentum in this area now gives way to harsh reality. Sales of e-cars are falling so sharply that German premium manufacturers are once again considering new combustion models. All of these trends play into the hands of the Canadian commodities company Saturn Oil & Gas. For several years now, the Company has recognised the increased demand for oil and gas and is consistently expanding its production capacities. Figures have now been released for 2023 that represent a quantum leap for the still-young company.

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26.02.2024, Author: Nico Popp

Company and share poised for dynamic growth?

Pharmaceutical giants have billions to spare. Their preferred acquisition targets focus on antibody-drug conjugates and the fight against cancer - an area in which Defence Therapeutics has been active for years. Previously unpublished studies now reveal entirely new potential for AccuTOX®, a chemotherapy drug on the verge of being approved by the FDA. As the share is extremely interesting from a technical perspective, investors should pay close attention.

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07.02.2024, Author: André Will-Laudien

The year 2024 promises excitement

Amid ongoing geopolitical tensions, gold is increasingly emerging as a safe-haven currency. While global gold mine production has risen by 26% since 2010, it has increased by almost 60% in Africa and more than doubled in at least 10 African countries. Africa has traditionally been a major producer of raw materials, deriving its economic growth from the establishment of mining operations. In Ghana, for example, currently Africa's largest gold producer, gold accounts for around a quarter of the value of total annual exports. If gold mining is carried out responsibly, it can act as a catalyst for significant positive change. Canadian explorer Desert Gold has been active in Mali since 2015 and is now entering the most exciting phase in the Company's history.

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02.02.2024, Author: André Will-Laudien

Net Asset Value (NAV) climbs to CAD 6.72 per share

In the international concert of the energy transition, it is up to resource-rich countries to continue supplying their abundant reserves to the market. Europe is naturally not very well endowed with significant oil or gas reserves, so the focus is more on renewable energy sources. However, anyone who needs fossil fuels is bound to turn to external suppliers for their energy requirements. Industrial sectors that traditionally cannot do without oil or gas due to established manufacturing processes are particularly affected. At the onset of the Ukraine crisis, the German government turned to the raw materials giant Canada and negotiated extensive supplies of LNG gas and strategic metals. The Canadian raw materials company Saturn Oil & Gas has recognized this demand and is consistently expanding its production capacities. The crucial factor in this context is the conviction that fossil energy will still be needed for many decades. Saturn Oil & Gas is, therefore, ideally positioned today.

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24.01.2024, Author: André Will-Laudien

Strategic metals remain a risk

The geopolitical climate is becoming increasingly frosty. The Ukraine crisis, which has already lasted almost two years, was joined by the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel in October 2023. What poses a huge challenge for international politics in terms of safeguarding mutual interests is no less dangerous for industry. Power blocs are forming, increasingly distancing themselves from the West and pursuing strict self-interests. In the Russia-China axis, in particular, it must be assumed that the climate towards the US and its allies will remain frosty and spill over into other areas. It is no coincidence that governments have placed important metals on the strategic procurement list. Tungsten is the metal for ultra-hard and heat-resistant surfaces and is part of a challenging scarcity debate, as 85% of the metal is mined in China.

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