06.12.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

First production planned for 2025

There is currently plenty of fuel for gold investors. On the one hand, there is the technical breakout attempt at the beginning of December with prices around USD 2,150 - a new all-time high. On the other hand, there is the uncertainty caused by numerous geopolitical conflicts, which appear to be intensifying. Inflation, which is manifesting itself despite falling inflation, and the constant expansion of government debt are also fueling turmoil, particularly in the US dollar-dominated region. Added to this are the efforts of many BRICS countries to expand their sphere of influence to countries rich in raw materials and to distance themselves from the US dollar in the long term. These intentions are being driven by the China-Russia axis, which seems to be becoming more and more entrenched since the invasion of Ukraine. Anyone wishing to consider this potpourri of framework conditions in their investment strategy should look to Africa. Vast reserves of raw materials lie dormant there, and traditionally, the connection to Western investors is good. This is because they create jobs and bring critical development services to the country. The Canadian explorer Desert Gold Ventures is focusing on the Senegal-Mali-Shear Zone (SMSZ). Not without reason, as the drilling completed in 2023 has already delivered industrially usable mineralization grades in gold.

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30.11.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Sustainable growth through the reduction of greenhouse gases

Climate transformation depends on many factors. On the one hand, countries worldwide need to agree on a common approach, and on the other, they need guidelines and standards within which people and businesses can operate. A few years ago, a tradable price for "pollution rights" was created via climate certificates. This market is now experiencing explosive growth. The Canadian provider dynaCERT has technologies for reducing CO2 emissions and knows what this billion-dollar market is all about. As part of the increasingly important international hydrogen economy, dynaCERT is using a patented technology to achieve significant emission reductions in combustion processes. Soon, tradable emission certificates will be available for this. This makes environmental protection meaningful and enjoyable at the same time.

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22.11.2023, Author: Juliane Zielonka

Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture divisions suffer severe setbacks

Bayer's economic future is currently on shaky ground. The shares of the Group with its three pillars, Consumer Health, Pharma, and Agriculture, fell by almost 20% this week after a late-stage drug trial in the Pharma division was halted. In addition, a considerable compensation payment of EUR 1.5 billion in connection with the US glyphosate business has put the Leverkusen-based company in an unusually precarious position. The Company lost around EUR 7.7 billion in value in one day due to the price slide, and the share price fell to EUR 33, marking a historic low for Bayer AG shares since the financial crisis in 2009. Currently, the Bayer Group is only worth around EUR 32.77 billion. What needs to happen now for a possible way out of this dilemma? Would the often talked-about split-up of the Group be a solution for the further growth of the Group?

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09.11.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

CAD 26 million investment and 18 new wells

More than CAD 100 million in free cash flow in the quarter - a new record for the Canadian oil and gas producer Saturn Oil & Gas Inc. While geopolitical conflicts rage, the Company excels in meeting expected oil production targets while developing new properties. This is no mean feat in a political environment that aims to gradually reduce dependence on fossil fuels. However, the Canadians remain undeterred because what ultimately counts in times of crisis is a consistent and reliable supply. We take a look at the past quarter.

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31.10.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Is AccuTOX® the silver bullet in cancer treatment?

Fighting cancer poses major challenges for today's biotechnology. Canadian company Defence Therapeutics (DTC) has been showing great innovation and breaking new ground in recent years with its ACCUM® platform technology. Efforts are directed towards therapies in the fight against globally prevalent cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, and pancreatic cancer. With numerous patents and a new delivery technology, the Canadians are succeeding one hopeful step at a time. The global market for cancer therapies is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.4% from 2022 to 2030. Defence Therapeutics might already have a "silver bullet" in its barrel. However, various clinical phases still need to prove the encouraging results from animal trials in humans.

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26.09.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Number of antibodies doubled

Accum™ enhances mRNA vaccines. To support this claim, Defence Therapeutics conducted a comparative study and reported promising results in late September: In the study, Accum™ doubled the number of antibodies compared to an mRNA vaccine without Accum™. This is a strong indication that the flexible technology, which is expected to move into two Phase I trials as a cancer vaccine and chemotherapeutic in the coming months, may also greatly benefit mRNA vaccines in the future. We look at what matters in the coming weeks and months and why Defence Therapeutics has long been in the sights of potential buyers.

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14.09.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

SMARTBROKER+ successfully launched

Good things come to those who wait! After obstacles and delays with regard to the launch of SMARTBROKER+, interested parties were given access to the completely newly developed trading platform and thus also to the long-awaited app for the first time at the end of August as part of an Early Access phase. The capitalists put all their energy into a state-of-the-art frontend for iOS, Android and web, as well as an excellent user journey. The unbeatable price-performance ratio, however, remains the same. SMARTBROKER+ is the only provider in Germany to combine the extensive product range of traditional brokers with the extremely favorable conditions of Neobrokers.

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11.09.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Further milestones expected

Already last year, the investment company Altech Advanced Materials positioned itself as a company for novel battery technology. Thanks to the investments in the project companies SILUMINA ANODES and CERENERGY, it has succeeded in gaining a foothold in the growth markets for e-mobility and stationary battery storage with novel materials and groundbreaking technologies. In this context, the further goals are clearly defined. Together with the Group's partners, the Heidelberg-based company wants to make a positive contribution to the energy transition and thus participate in the rapidly growing market for battery systems. Three milestones expected before the end of this year could push the share into higher territory.

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16.08.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Another record quarter

The recent economic data from China has once again disappointed. In July, industrial production in the world's second-largest economy did not increase as much as expected; the central bank even reacted with an interest rate cut. There have been several instances of weak economic data from China recently, fueling expectations of reduced demand for crude oil. The price of WTI crude oil fell slightly from USD 82.50 to USD 80.50 within days. For the Canadian oil producer Saturn Oil & Gas, however, this is not a disaster because they were able to generate lush cash flows even in the challenging second quarter, despite the quarterly average for the WTI price declining to about USD 75. The Q2 figures were surprisingly good, with a new record cash flow and further increases in production.

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15.08.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Test results far exceed forecasts

The start of testing under real road conditions for the Canadian hydrogen innovator's hydrogen fuel cell-powered light commercial vehicles got off to a furious start and clearly demonstrated the advantages over both battery-electric vans and internal combustion engines. Admittedly, the "Light Commercial Vehicles" have only been tested by two of the sixteen major fleet operators participating in the British "Aggregated Hydrogen Freight Consortium". However, the impressive results already suggest that the internal target of selling between 10,000 and 20,000 units in 2025/2026 is no utopia. In the best case, the sales volume would amount to EUR 1 billion. Currently, the market value of the First Hydrogen share stands at EUR 90.84 million.

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26.07.2023, Author: Juliane Zielonka

Portfolio pipeline with enormous potential, stock appears undervalued

Cardiovascular diseases have been in the spotlight, especially since the Corona pandemic. After receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, athletic and often young individuals experienced heart inflammation. When the heart muscle becomes inflamed, it is referred to as myocarditis. If the inflammation affects the heart's outer lining, known as the pericardium, it is called pericarditis. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in male adolescents and young adults occurred within one week of the second dose of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. Cardiol Therapeutics is a life sciences company with a portfolio focused on combating heart diseases such as pericarditis, myocarditis and heart failure. The Company is in the clinical discovery and development stage of anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic therapies. Antifibrotic means that no scarring occurs during the healing process of human tissue. The experienced team is focusing on an active ingredient that occurs naturally in nature, cannabidiol.

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25.07.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

New user experience opens up new target groups

The countdown is on! Despite many imponderables and detours, the latest generation broker, Smartbroker+, is about to be launched. As of today, users can explore the future brand world. In the process, the already successfully running Smartbroker was expanded with new functions and optimized according to the latest customer experience requirements, which should attract new, especially younger target groups in the future. On the other hand, the unique selling proposition of the Next Generation Broker will be retained. Like its predecessor, Smartbroker+ combines the extensive product range of traditional brokers with the favorable conditions of a new broker.

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18.07.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Intrinsic value significantly below market price

After a bitterly cold crypto winter last year with price losses of up to 78% for Bitcoin alone, the asset class has become one of the best performers on the market, with a gain of 90% since the beginning of 2023. Companies from this segment, such as MicroStrategy, Coinbase, Hut 8 Mining and Bit Digital, were able to more than double in this period. In contrast, the German Bitcoin Group, which operates the trading platform for digital currencies,, with its subsidiary, has some catching up to do. However, the holding company has significantly more substance than comparable competitors.

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05.07.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Defence Therapeutics becomes part of "Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid"

Short infotainment formats are popular among viewers - for example, before the news or between two movies. The Canadian biotech startup Defence Therapeutics has now been chosen by the series "Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid" as a partner for a series on the opportunities and limitations of biotechnology. For the Company, which is aiming for the Nasdaq, the associated publicity can only be beneficial. What remains decisive, however, is what happens behind the camera. Groundbreaking research is currently underway.

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29.06.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Commercialization has priority - Hot phase begins

More is better. According to this motto, the innovative cancer specialist Defence Therapeutics has built an extensive patent portfolio in recent years. Here we discuss the areas in which patents have been filed, what options Defence Therapeutics has as a result, and what will be crucial for the Company, which is facing several clinical trials in 2023 in the coming weeks.

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28.06.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Test results still above plan

The first series of tests under real road conditions went better than expected for the hydrogen innovator based in Vancouver and London, clearly demonstrating the advantages of hydrogen fuel cell-powered light commercial vehicles with a range of over 500 km compared to battery-electric vans and internal combustion engines. Following in the footsteps of fleet management provider Rivus, which is responsible for managing over 120,000 light commercial vehicles and trucks annually, utility company SSE, which currently maintains one of the largest vehicle fleets in the UK, is now entering the test series. If the results continue to confirm the positive trend, First Hydrogen faces a golden future in the billion-dollar market for climate-neutral vehicles.

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26.06.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

New tungsten mine in sight

In times of crisis like now, the urgency in the supply of strategic metals becomes very apparent. Currently, China is the majority owner of these elements, with 70%. With further escalations in Ukraine and global instabilities, access to key resources is essential, as long-established supply routes can be suspended overnight. Rare metals are crucial for various modern technologies, from smartphones to wind turbines and defense equipment. China could impose an export ban on key raw materials to achieve its strategic goals in Taiwan and exclude the West from supply. This is political leverage that can only be softened by consistently building alternatives. Almonty Industries has 4 major tungsten properties in Spain, Portugal and South Korea. Soon the largest mine will go into production.

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21.06.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Fields of application from mRNA to CRISPR - Royalties await

Cancer specialist Defence Therapeutics has applied for international patent protection for its versatile Accum™ adjuvant technology. This means that the numerous projects the Company is driving forward in parallel thanks to its platform approach will soon receive a "price tag". Specifically, this involves vaccines against various types of cancer, ranging from skin to pancreatic cancer, some of which will soon be transferred to a Phase I study. The same applies to the promising chemotherapeutic AccuTOX™. We discuss the outlook for the CRISPR "gene scissors," which mRNA study will soon deliver results and the state of takeover activity in the industry.

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20.06.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

The hydrogen specialist sets itself exorbitant growth targets

The question is valid. Is it another tale from "One Thousand and One Nights" like in previous years, or will the ambitious US hydrogen company, led by CEO and marketing specialist Andy Marsh, keep its word this time? After the publication of the ambitious growth targets up to the year 2030 on the occasion of the specially organized Analyst Day, the Plug Power share shot up by more than 60% at its peak. This indicates investors still believe in the story of the fuel cell pioneer. However, the next few months will show whether it can be successfully implemented. Blind faith is likely to be clouded once again by a major capital measure.

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18.06.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Progress in approval process and patent protection

Curing skin cancer, lymphoma, lung cancer and even pancreatic cancer - the list of promising projects Defence Therapeutics is advancing is long. But despite the wide range of services, Defence Therapeutics' projects go hand in hand. The reason lies in the Accum™ technology, whose platform approach is now protected by the US Patent Office. Below you can find out about the current status of Defence Therapeutics' projects, where the journey may take us in the coming weeks, and in which area Defence Therapeutics could spring a surprise.

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06.06.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Forecasts clearly exceeded

Things continue to go like clockwork at hydrogen innovator First Hydrogen. The Vancouver and London-based company reported better-than-expected test results for its hydrogen fuel cell-powered light-duty vehicles under real-world road conditions. The range of 500 km was exceeded. The Company is also making rapid progress in establishing a complete value chain with the production and distribution of green hydrogen. Despite its excellent business performance, the stock of First Hydrogen has experienced a decline in line with the overall industry trend, which may present an attractive entry opportunity from a long-term perspective.

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05.06.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Major investments in Europe and the USA

Governments worldwide agree: Achieving a real turnaround in the fight against global warming requires joint, open discussions about existing technologies and necessary innovations for a more sustainable use of existing resources. The path to a CO2-free future is costly and requires extremely high investments. Green hydrogen is an important building block. The Norwegian pioneer Nel ASA has been well on its way as a global player for several years, but the Company is not yet profitable. However, recent blockbuster orders point to a noticeable acceleration. Here is an assessment of the situation.

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30.05.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Tough restructuring, important course set

Varta AG was one of the high flyers in the MDAX in 2020/2021. The rally led the stock price to over EUR 180 on the expectation of a battery revolution from Ellwangen. But things turned out differently. Problems with the supply chains due to the Corona pandemic, rising raw material and energy costs and sales problems with key customers caused the Group to stumble. Today, 2 years after the joyful rush, the Varta share price has plummeted by 90% and a tough restructuring course is on the agenda. A stocktaking.

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29.05.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

A milestone in the Company's history

In order to achieve the set climate targets, both politicians and industry agree that green hydrogen has been considered a key element of the energy turnaround for years. The rosy outlook proclaimed for the sector by industry experts and financial analysts has created a gold-rush mood among listed companies since the beginning of the decade, and the valuations of market leaders such as Nel ASA and Plug Power have soared to astronomical heights. In contrast, the reported sales and, in some cases, equally high losses of the companies hardly justify the valuations of EUR 2.1 billion and EUR 4.95 billion, respectively, which are still ambitious despite the strong correction. With a market capitalization of only EUR 59.62 million, the Canadian hydrogen specialist dynaCERT's valuation represents only a fraction of these figures. A major order for 3,000 of its patented HydraGEN units has now put a clear exclamation mark on the Company. Further orders are likely to follow.

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10.05.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

13 new drilling locations go into production

Despite all the announcements from Berlin, it is immediately clear to the listener that converting our energy supply from fossil fuels to CO2-free sources will first require a lot of resources to get the facilities, including infrastructure, that will be needed in the future, into place. A significant, environmentally damaging effort must first take place to install wind and solar power plants and integrate them into the grid. Canada has understood the problems of the world energy supply and is implementing the requirements of the current difficult times in a politically non-judgmental and consistent manner. Saturn Oil & Gas is an ESG-oriented energy company with strong growth in oil and gas production in Saskatchewan. There are now good drilling results to report for the first quarter.

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03.05.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Tests start with heavyweight

The opportunities are gigantic, as are the forecasts of experts. The consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, for example, sees hydrogen as a key element of the energy transition and expects an increase from 76 to up to 600 Mt worldwide by 2050. Despite the rosy outlook, buoyed by huge subsidy programs from politicians, companies in the sector are undergoing a sharp consolidation phase. For example, industry leaders such as Plug Power and Nel ASA have recently lost over 40% of their stock market valuation. For a long time, newcomer First Hydrogen was able to escape the correction. After outperforming and gaining over 1,600% since August 2021, the share price halved quickly and is now trading at a prominent support zone. The fundamental data remain excellent so that a second long-term entry opportunity could arise at the current level.

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28.04.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

The German dividend pearl

Sentiment toward Germany as a business location has deteriorated significantly among major industrial companies in recent months. The sharp increase in energy and material costs, followed by high wage settlements, are putting pressure on operating margins. BASF is one of the most energy-intensive conglomerates in the country. Management is reluctantly responding with cost-cutting measures that call entire locations into question and mean a significant reduction in the number of employees. It is not only the worsening economic situation that is responsible but, above all, the anti-industry policies from Berlin and Brussels. Managers are therefore turning their attention to much cheaper foreign markets and investing many billions there. Here is an update from yesterday's Annual General Meeting.

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27.04.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Short-seller attack and skeptical analysts

The use of artificial intelligence is here to stay. According to industry experts, we are at the beginning of a technological revolution that, based on information and communication technology and driven by AI, will lead us to a world where all things will be connected and intelligent. The market growth is enormous and will be accelerated by future key technologies such as 5G, cloud, video, the Internet of Things and autonomous driving. is a leading provider of AI software for enterprises to accelerate digital transformation. Despite the outstanding growth opportunities, the still loss-making US company, valued at USD 1.98 billion, is facing headwinds from several sides.

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25.04.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Synergies expected

The Canadian-German biotech company BioNxt has won an international pharmaceutical company as a customer and concluded a development and manufacturing contract. An orally soluble product based on BioNxt's platform will be developed and manufactured at the site of its German subsidiary Vektor Pharma TF GmbH in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. According to a company release, the contract has been signed and partially paid. About a week ago, BioNxt reported the purchase of a coating and cutting machine to expand commercial manufacturing capacity. Now, things could also move very quickly with another product from BioNxt.

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24.04.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Development of "Smartbroker 2.0" in a decisive phase

Due to the war in Ukraine and the end of the loose monetary policy by the central banks, the stock exchanges took a dive, especially in the first nine months of last year. The leading German index DAX lost around 28% from the beginning of the Russian invasion until the beginning of October. The uncertainties also caused the trading figures of online brokers to plummet. However, a strong recovery began in the 4th quarter of 2022. Since then, the DAX has posted a performance of almost 36%. While the war in Eastern Europe continues to rage, an end to the cycle of interest rate hikes seems within reach. Due to the resurgent world stock markets, online brokers are also likely to experience a significant rebound. Above all, Smartbroker Holding AG should benefit disproportionately from the launch of "Smartbroker 2.0".

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24.04.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Technical bottoming out about to be completed

Biotech stocks have not yet been able to mirror the major stock market upswing since October 2022. The reason for this is the parallel rise in interest rates, which makes the refinancing of growth companies extremely expensive. MorphoSys acquired the US biotech company Constellation Pharmaceutical for USD 1.7 billion in 2021. Since this huge step, the share has lost 25% of its value. Now, however, the situation seems to be under control. A look ahead to 2023/2024 gives hope, and the share price may have recently reached a technical bottom. We analyze the current development.

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21.04.2023, Author: Juliane Zielonka

Shareholder tension mounts. Will Anderson manage the turnaround?

In April, Bill Anderson of the United States took up his position on the Board of Management of Bayer AG. On June 1, 2023, he will be appointed CEO, succeeding Werner Baumann, who resigned one year earlier than the end of his contract due to pressure from dissatisfied investors. Anderson has enormous room for change, according to internal sources. It remains to be seen whether a breakup of the life science company would be a consequence of his appointment. Internally, such a move would lead to strong unrest and unsettle employees more than winning their trust in him as the new leader. The trained chemist is being diplomatic: He will spend the next two months "listening" and so far sees no consensus on the issue. Reporters learned this at Bayer's headquarters in Leverkusen, where Anderson gave a speech outlining his vision for the Company. He emphasized that he wants to focus on results and progress in science.

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20.04.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Parallels in projects and study designs

Curing cancer is a dream of humanity. However, when looking at mRNA projects from large companies such as BioNTech or Moderna, a higher survival rate is still considered a success. Moderna, together with the US pharmaceutical company Merck, Sharpe & Dohme (MSD), has now shown that an mRNA vaccine can reduce the mortality of seriously ill skin cancer patients by 40%. This article looks at how Moderna's project relates to Defence Therapeutics, where it connects to BioNTech's projects, and why adjuvant technology is critical in mRNA vaccines.

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19.04.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

The pressure on the hydrogen specialist is growing

US company Plug Power, a pioneer of fuel cell technology, is considered one of the greatest hopefuls of the global hydrogen economy. The plans for developing a holistic ecosystem for green hydrogen are huge. Everything from production, distribution, storage and delivery to energy generation is to be offered from a single source. However, there are considerable gaps between the ambitious goals and reality. Plug Power has been unable to close a quarter with a profit for more than 25 years, and even last year's targets were revised downward several times. Now there is the threat of a class-action lawsuit from disappointed shareholders.

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19.04.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

The Greentech business is booming like it hasn't for years

With the shutdown of nuclear power plants in Germany, there is a huge need for additional energy sources and types of generation. In Berlin, renewable solutions are favored, although fossil fuels have been increasingly used since the Ukraine crisis began. The semiconductor industry is integral to the Greentech wave because many intelligent chips are needed to control charging cycles, energy storage and battery management systems. Today, an electric vehicle is operated with 4 times the computing power of a conventional combustion vehicle of the last generation. The semiconductor specialist Infineon, from Munich, is ideally positioned for intelligent chips, and business is booming.

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18.04.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Several projects in exciting stages

Things are happening at the Canadian-German biotech company BioNxt Solutions. Just at the beginning of March, the Company acquired a technology for the enteric coating of tablets. Now things are moving in leaps and bounds. Over the weekend, BioNxt reported that a company contractor has completed initial prototypes of tablets coated with the new technology. The tablets contain active pharmaceutical ingredients and may be used in bioavailability pilot studies. BioNxt is currently exploring opportunities to evaluate its new coating technology in studies.

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18.04.2023, Author: Nico Popp

US-Dollar 43 billion acquisition as a blueprint?

Canadian biotech company Defence Therapeutics has taken the next step on its journey to improve mRNA vaccines using its Accum™ technology. To this end, the Company has begun comparative studies pitting a "naked" mRNA vaccine against the combination of mRNA vaccine and Accum™. In this article, we discuss how the Canadians are proceeding, why CEO Sébastien Plouffe is confident, and which USD 43 billion acquisition may also give hope to shareholders of Defence Therapeutics.

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17.04.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Mine construction is fully on track

On the EU list of the most critical metals globally, tungsten appears with a value of 7 on a scale of 0 to 8, ranking higher than iron, cobalt, copper, and titanium. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, demand for the rare element has increased again, as tungsten is used as a hardening metal in alloys for the defence and high-tech industries. In 2024, an additional 5% of the world market volume will come from the South Korean Sangdong mine, further contributing to the depleted supply market. This is an important milestone for Almonty Industries.

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17.04.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

With two innovations in the billion-dollar market

After a brilliant first quarter and a share price performance of over 210%, the share of the Heidelberg-based portfolio company Altech Advanced Materials is consolidating at a high level. The current correction offers attractive long-term entry opportunities. The Company is considered an innovation leader in anode composite materials for lithium-ion batteries and environmentally friendly stationary energy storage systems based on solid-state sodium aluminum oxide batteries. In the age of the energy transition, which is still in its infancy, the newcomer thus has double game-changer potential.

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14.04.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

The IPO of its hydrogen subsidiary Nucera is coming

It is finally happening! The era of nuclear power plants in Germany has come to an end. The new government in Berlin is sticking to the coalition decisions of 2011 and will phase out nuclear power by April 15, 2023. Because of the current energy crisis, there had been a small extension, but now it is over. According to announcements by the governing Green Party, Germany will be able to generate its energy entirely from renewable sources, with nuclear energy and fossil-fuel power generation giving way to sustainable wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants. Hydrogen is to be a new addition to the game. It is now being used as an energy wildcard for all problems. But how long will it take to make industrial production sufficiently affordable? With its H2 subsidiary Nucera, ThyssenKrupp will play a major role in the race against global warming.

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13.04.2023, Author: Nico Popp

USA puts $5 billion into mRNA technology with "NextGEN"

A few days ago, the biotech company Defence Therapeutics announced the launch of its mRNA vaccine program against cancer. The assumption behind this: mRNA vaccines become more effective when combined with Defence Therapeutics' patented drug enhancer Accum™. The Company now wants to test a specially produced mRNA vaccine in its pure form against the combination of mRNA vaccine and Accum™ in a clinical trial. Looking more closely at the challenges of mRNA vaccines, Accum™ could also make other projects more effective and become a sought-after adjuvant technology around mRNA. Find out what is behind it and how great the potential could be.

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13.04.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Berkshire Hathaway divests more shares

In an interview with the business and financial news channel CNBC in Tokyo, investment legend Warren Buffett described the Chinese market leader in electric cars as an "extraordinary company." Nevertheless, Berkshire Hathaway, the investment firm he manages, reduced its stake again, for the tenth time, since last August. The market reaction was enormous, with the stock losing more than 5% at times. The setback offers new opportunities because, fundamentally, everything is going according to plan at BYD.

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12.04.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Record production in 2022

With a gold price of USD 2,032, there was a noticeable jolt through the precious metal community at the beginning of April. This is because the price came very close to the important mark of USD 2,050, the double high from 2020 and 2022. In addition to manifested inflation, poor economic development and emerging crises in the financial sector, there are currently many reasons that speak for higher precious metal prices. Especially in times of political instability, investors are looking for a "catastrophe hedge" in their portfolio. Over the past 25 years, gold has gained 8.6% per annum, offsetting any loss of purchasing power. Now the technical barriers are in place - if they fall, there is no stopping producers like Barrick Gold.

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12.04.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Now the portfolio is picking up

High inflation, geopolitical risks and political upheavals are the breeding ground for rising precious metal prices. A key driver for the rising demand for gold is the price development on the foreign exchange market. Due to the recent disappointing economic data and recent turbulences in the banking sector following the bankruptcy of several regional banks in the US, the US dollar has depreciated significantly. As a result, gold is becoming cheaper on the world market, which is boosting demand. In March 2023, the bankruptcy of Credit Suisse noticeably startled investors and pushed the price of the troy ounce near the old high from 2011. The technical breakout is still to come, but momentum is high and the underlying conditions promise a new cycle for precious metals - good news for Globex Mining's portfolio. Over 200 projects are delivering cash flow and need to be revalued by the market!

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11.04.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Is Accum™ becoming an mRNA adjuvant technology?

Yesterday after the close of trading in Canada, Defence Therapeutics announced the launch of its mRNA vaccine program against cancer. This will involve combining mRNA molecules with Accum™ technology and will be followed by the comparison of the mRNA-Accum™ combination with naked mRNA. The background to the scientific investigation is that mRNA injected into the body is often destroyed as part of immune responses and other processes. Defence Therapeutics believes these processes are absent when combined with Defence's patented Accum™ technology. We look at what the latest news means, where Defence stands right now and what questions investors still need to be answered concerning the Defence Therapeutics share.

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11.04.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

The tourism group faces crucial weeks

Hardly any other sector of the economy was hit as hard by the Corona pandemic as the travel industry and experienced dislocations on an unprecedented scale. Without government rescue packages, the world's largest fully integrated tourism group, TUI, would hardly have survived this crisis of the century. Since the openings and the end of the lockdowns, the number of bookings has increased noticeably. More than 500,000 customers booked a TUI vacation over Easter, and booking numbers are expected to return to pre-Covid levels for the summer. The Group's strategy is clearly defined and focuses operationally on profitable growth in the Vacation Experiences and Markets & Airlines divisions. On the other hand, reducing debt, refinancing and strengthening the balance sheet is at the top of the Hanover-based company's agenda. The ongoing capital increase is now intended to take the first step toward recovery. But questions and uncertainties remain.

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06.04.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

After reaching an all-time high, a sharper correction looms

The war in Ukraine has been raging for over a year, and an end is nowhere in sight. On the contrary, while peace talks and a diplomatic solution would be the favored solution for many, politicians continue to focus on armament and the supply of heavy weapons. One of the main beneficiaries is the Düsseldorf-based arms manufacturer Rheinmetall, whose share price has risen by 190% since the start of the Russian invasion and has even made it into Germany's highest stock market segment, the DAX. Despite a consistently good news flow with new orders, partnerships, and the construction of a maintenance center in Romania, the all-time high of EUR 281.30 could no longer be held. Looking at the chart, this could result in a longer correction.

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03.04.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

More and more positive results

Interest rates and inflation have remained at a high level for several months. Due to the constant loss of purchasing power, wage and salary payments will likely have to be increased more than employers would like following various strikes. This could set in motion a wage-price spiral leading to further price indicator increases. Precious metals are a classic hedge against monetary devaluations, as they have been for 100 years. It should only be a matter of time before gold and silver can rise to new record highs. We see the current timing as an excellent entry point into the precious metals. Tocvan Ventures is making great strides in Mexico, and the share price is finally showing muscle.

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29.03.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Test drives start with a big player

Trucks with diesel engines have been essential to our economy for many years. Despite their benefits, however, internal combustion engine trucks increase air pollution, contributing to global warming and poor public health. With climate change targets, the transportation industry is retooling and increasingly switching to alternative powertrains. In the light commercial vehicle sector, more and more manufacturers are turning to hydrogen and fuel cell technology. In Europe alone, around 29 million vans must be converted to avoid being taken off the road by 2030. First Hydrogen, a company expected to take market share from the established players with a unique strategy, was launched around two years ago. Now the Company, based in Vancouver and London, is taking the next step, again with a heavyweight.

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28.03.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Good news from Western Mali

Since the resurgence of the banking crisis in 2023, precious metals have again been in high demand among investors. In anticipation of a further manifestation of inflation, investors are looking with hope for value stability. The fact is that since the end of the 1990s until today, gold could achieve 8.6% growth per year, more than any other asset class over such a long period. The criterion "value stability" is therefore historically proven because gold appreciated strongly in the last 100 years also against any form of paper money. Gold has already gained about 8% since the beginning of 2023. Commodity fund manager Leigh Goehring is pessimistic and even expects a "decade of inflation". We are looking at an interesting gold project in Western Mali with outstanding prospects.

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15.03.2023, Author: Nico Popp

New area of application for Accum™ in nuclear medicine

When corporations want to collaborate with biotech innovators, it is like an accolade - big companies usually take longer to commit. Defence Therapeutics' most recently announced collaboration with French state-owned Orano raises eyebrows for several reasons. Find out what the cooperation in the field of nuclear medicine is all about and what potential could arise from the collaboration.

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15.03.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Net asset value per share increases 54% to CAD 6.92

Again good news from Saskatchewan. Shortly after the successful acquisition of the Ridgeback properties, Saturn Oil & Gas reports a new resource estimate that does not even include the new assets. Rather, year-end 2022 shows how much injected and proved reserves have increased since the Oxbow and Viking expansions. Net asset value per share rises to CAD 6.92, just shy of analysts' price targets. We do the math.

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14.03.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Test drives to begin soon

The conversion of the transport sector from diesel engines to alternative drives is both a major challenge for manufacturers of light commercial vehicles and an opportunity of the century. The volume is gigantic. The global light commercial vehicle (LCV) market is expected to reach USD 751.86 billion by 2030, growing at an average annual rate of 5.1% over the next eight years. In addition to established manufacturers, hydrogen company First Hydrogen is gaining more attention. With major partners such as AVL Powertrain, Ballard Power, and EDAG Group, the Vancouver and London-based company is designing zero-emission, latest-generation hydrogen-powered vehicles with a range of over 500 km. The experienced management team has proclaimed market leadership as the goal. Once again, an important milestone has been reached.

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12.03.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Lively interest from the mining industry

PDAC, the world's largest mining trade show, just ended in Toronto. More than 1,100 exhibitors presented themselves to the expert audience, and the team from was also live on-site. The focus this year was clearly on raw materials, which are elementary to achieving climate goals and transforming the energy mix. The Canadian Greentech company dynaCERT also saw a massive increase in interest from the major mine producers. Using the patented HydraGEN technology, companies such as Barrick Gold and Newmont & Co would save fuel and significantly reduce emissions. It is not for nothing that dynaCERT CEO Jim Payne expects a major turnaround in the current fiscal year.

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01.03.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Now the mark is 30,000 barrels per day

Despite climate change, the world is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. There is already a political consensus in Europe that these will soon no longer be used primarily in combustion engines. Nevertheless, there is a global understanding that mobility alone cannot be responsible for all changes. Instead, it must be a complete transformation of industry, energy production and human consumption patterns. Saturn Oil & Gas is meeting a small portion of the world's oil and gas needs with a strong focus on sustainable production. We provide an update from Calgary.

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28.02.2023, Author: Nico Popp

This multi-tool is only available once - who will grab it?

Defence Therapeutics' pipeline offers market potential in the range of several hundred billion USD. We present the six most important projects and explain why 2023 will be crunch time for Defence Therapeutics - the decisive phase for the Company and its shareholders is just around the corner. As Defence continues to write its success stories, the multifaceted Canadian company could soon be wooed by pharmaceutical giants - the first collaborations have already been signed.

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28.02.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

The hydrogen innovator is facing crucial weeks

Achieving future climate targets will inevitably mean a shift towards a CO2-neutral society. Alongside renewably generated electricity, hydrogen plays a key role in this. In this context, green hydrogen is the only type of gas fully compatible with the net zero emissions targets. It is therefore considered an essential element for the worldwide climate turnaround. As a result of the billions of euros in programs launched by politicians in the USA, Europe and China, companies operating in this sector are benefiting significantly. First Hydrogen is likely to benefit from the subsidies in several ways. On the one hand, the hydrogen specialist has branches in North America, Great Britain and Europe. On the other, the Company will, in the future, offer the complete value chain, from the development and construction of light commercial vehicles to refueling systems and the production of green hydrogen. The next few weeks will be decisive for the still-young company.

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27.02.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Developed technology significantly lowers the price of green hydrogen

Whether through the Inflation Reduction Act by the USA or the planned Green Deal Industrial Plan of the European Union, politicians are trying with all their might to accelerate the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energies. As a flexible and easily transportable energy carrier, green hydrogen is seen as a critical element in transforming industry and transportation. However, there are high hurdles to overcome in the implementation. In addition to the expansion of the filling station infrastructure, the expensive production costs of the gas represent a massive obstacle to conquering the mass market. The technology developed by dynaCERT and its joint venture partner Cipher Neutron could solve this problem in the near future.

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23.02.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

The comeback of the chemical giant

An important component of the global effort to protect the climate is clean energy generation and storage. Efficient electricity use requires high-performance storage systems that allow energy to be used regardless of the time of day. The chemical industry has been working for decades on processes that enable more efficient exploitation of our resources. For the chemical giant BASF from Ludwigsburg, Germany is not an easy terrain for innovative research and development due to its high-cost structure. We provide an update from Ludwigshafen.

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22.02.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Partnership with world-class cancer clinic City of Hope

The renowned City of Hope Clinic in the greater Los Angeles area wants nothing less than to lead the revolution in the fight against cancer. Here, where globally acclaimed breakthroughs against blood cancer and diabetes were achieved in the 1970s, the biotech company Defence Therapeutics now wants to clear important hurdles in the approval process of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Here is what the collaboration is all about and what it could mean for the young biotech company.

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21.02.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Highest net profit since 2007

The major interest rate turnaround in 2022 is bringing the big banks back into business. While banks had to contend with negative interest rates during the period of low-interest rates, the situation is now increasingly easing. The deposit side is generating positive inflows, and the lending business is again generating adequate margins. Deutsche Bank is back at the level of 2007, i.e. shortly before the outbreak of the financial crisis. Its transformation into the modern age would be largely complete if it were not for the threat of insolvencies generated by the aftermath of the Corona pandemic hanging over the lending business as a sword of Damocles. We provide an update from Frankfurt.

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20.02.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Growth targets remain despite misses

It is well known that hydrogen is a central building block for the energy transition and achieving climate targets. With the launch of programs worth billions of dollars, not only the USA with the Inflation Reduction Act and China with announced subsidies of around USD 280 billion, but also Europe wants to make huge investments in the green energy of the future. One of the most important players in this field is the pioneer of fuel cell technology, Plug Power. The Company plans to build an end-to-end ecosystem for green hydrogen, ranging from production, distribution, storage and delivery to power generation, in order to benefit from the enormous economies of scale. However, there is a big gap between the ambitious plans and the implementation.

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14.02.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Battle for supremacy in the hydrogen sector

To ensure the competitiveness of their countries in the field of green energies, politicians are outbidding each other with subsidy programs in the triple-digit billions. Last year, the US already came up with the "Inflation Reduction Act" in the amount of USD 370 billion, on the one hand, to promote domestic industry and, on the other hand, to lure foreign corporations overseas. The EU is challenged to maintain the connection because, besides the United States, China has also announced subsidies in green technologies of more than USD 280 billion. The European Union now wants to counter with the "Green Deal Industrial Plan" in order to secure Europe as a business location in the long term. One of the main beneficiaries of this bid is the global hydrogen innovator First Hydrogen, which, in addition to branches in North America, Great Britain and Europe, is also likely to profit several times over with the development of light commercial vehicles, refueling systems and the production and distribution of green hydrogen.

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10.02.2023, Author: Juliane Zielonka

A chemical engineer from the US takes over the leadership in Leverkusen

Shareholders of the agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals group Bayer made an unprecedented decision at the 2019 Annual Stockholders' Meeting: Werner Baumann, the incumbent Dax boss, was the first not to be discharged. Now - after four out of five years of his current contract - the way is clear for an external manager. Bill Anderson takes the helm as of April 1. Find out how the surprising change came about a year earlier than expected and what the consequences are for investors in this stock update.

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09.02.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Buyback program and outlook inspire

After the chaotic year 2021, with several forecast reductions and a decline of the TeamViewer share of around 80%, the past fiscal year was characterized by consolidation, both in the operating business and on the stock exchange. By achieving its annual targets, the MDAX-listed company partially regained the confidence of investors and analysts. With a positive outlook, TeamViewer expects double-digit revenue growth within a range of 10% to 14% for fiscal year 2023. With stable profitability, the long-term rebound could gain further momentum. The planned exit from the horrendous shirt sponsorship deal with Manchester United should provide a significant positive effect.

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07.02.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Expansion into further countries planned

The ramp-up of electromobility continued in 2022. Despite delays due to blown supply chains and plant closures caused by Corona lockdowns, sales of pure battery-powered vehicles increased by around 63% to 7 million. Globally, US manufacturer Tesla still holds the most market share, with 1.3 million units sold. In China, however, the world's largest market, the company of the controversial leader Elon Musk was already knocked off its throne in the first half of the year by the Chinese technology company BYD. Since then, the Warren Buffett-backed group has continued to expand its lead and is likely to come closer to its global place in the sun by expanding into other countries.

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06.02.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Nasal spray for lung cancer? Numerous clinical studies ahead

Scientific findings gain significance when validated and discussed by independent researchers. Defence Therapeutics' technology recently received funding and expert endorsement from Canadian biotech funder CQDM, which is funded by numerous industry multinationals, among others. We look at what the collaboration could mean for Defence Therapeutics, why nasal spray as chemotherapy is increasingly likely, and why Defence's technology portfolio fits the bill right now in what analysts expect to be a wave of acquisitions in the biotech sector.

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03.02.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

H2 - The stuff dreams are made of

The war in Ukraine exacerbates the need for the measures adopted in recent years to change our energy supply. The sudden scarcity and accompanying price explosion of fossil fuels is driven by our dependence on Russia and China alone in the European renewal process. Experts now realise that electromobility will probably only have a positive impact on the ambient air. Other concepts must be put on the table! When it comes to hydrogen, the EU can be said to be a global pioneer in hydrogen technology, despite much lip service. Nel ASA is a Scandinavian protagonist with high innovative power. An update from Norway.

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02.02.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

The value appreciation has begun

Greentech is on everyone's lips. Politicians, climate activists and even ordinary citizens want a cleaner world and are establishing a more sustainable lifestyle. This can only be achieved through widely available and affordable energy because then industrial and mobility concepts can be transferred to an age of decarbonization. The clean forms of energy generation still require a high input of resources because the necessary infrastructure must first be created. In a second step, savings and a reduced CO2 footprint will follow. Globex Mining is a broadly diversified resource company; its founder and CEO, Jack Stoch, is a mining legend. He knows a thing or two about finding and industrially producing metals. Here is an update from Ontario.

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01.02.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Strategic metals on a silver platter

Access to critical metals has always been a political issue. Strategic alliances are becoming increasingly crucial in geopolitical environments such as we have been experiencing since Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. In a world where climate protection and armaments are being pushed in the same breath by all political forces, it is essential to secure access to raw materials. Tungsten has been placed on the EU's list of critical metals. Almonty Industries has been mining tungsten for a long time and is currently working on opening a mine in South Korea that can supply 5% of the world's supply. In addition, there is molybdenum there as well. We provide an update.

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31.01.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

The development of the Next Generation Broker is proceeding according to plan

The significant corrections on the stock markets and the resulting drop in trading volumes dragged down the prices of online brokers in the past stock market year. Nevertheless, investors' appetite for shares remains unbroken despite the sharp price falls. Even in Germany, the land of savings books and growth certificates, the number of equity savers rose by 830,000 to 12.9 million in 2022, according to the German Equities Institute. Currently, the recovery on the stock markets is likely to continue as the phase of interest rate hikes comes to an end. This should also increase the trading figures again, whereby the segment of online brokers should experience a rebound. Smartbroker Holding AG, in particular, took a brutal blow due to delays in the development of the Next Generation Broker. If the new schedule is adhered to, there will be an attractive opportunity for disproportionate share price gains.

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30.01.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Another step toward series production

The market is gigantic for commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide and represents an opportunity of the century. Due to the political requirements to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector over the next few years, the industry is currently experiencing a boom that is likely to continue well into the next decade. As of the end of 2021, around 93% of all light and heavy commercial vehicles in Germany were still powered by diesel, while the proportion of those using alternative fuels was a low 2%. In the course of tightening climate targets, this disparity should be turned around as quickly as possible in the next few years. First Hydrogen's vision is to become the leading designer and manufacturer of zero-emission, long-range hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles in the UK, EU and North America. By working with another industry heavyweight, the fledgling company is now moving ever closer to the mass market.

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30.01.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Cancer vaccine candidate with high efficacy - Takeover fever

In January, a healthcare conference hosted by JP Morgan kissed the entire biotech industry awake. Another industry meeting is now scheduled for February in New York. Defence Therapeutics will be giving two presentations there to present itself to colleagues and investors. The Canadians will be presenting a flexible, patented platform technology and a whole series of projects that are about to enter Phase I trials. An mRNA vaccine candidate against skin cancer recently convinced with a cure rate of 60% in animals. We shed light on the Company and the share.

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27.01.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

The immuno-oncology-specialist from Munich is optimistic

In 2021, 18.7 million people received the shocking diagnosis of "cancer". Current trends, unfortunately, suggest that this number will continue to rise in the coming years. Thanks to growing research successes, however, there is hope that biotechnology will make survival more likely for those affected. It is a matter of developing suitable active substances and launching modern therapies. Why some people get cancer, and others do not is unclear. The Munich-based biotechnology company is looking for suitable answers and is very far advanced with its current pipeline. Is the next blockbuster lurking here?

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26.01.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

2023 is set to be the year of exponential growth

With the announcement of the final figures for the full year 2022, the highly scalable business model of the Mediatech company was again underpinned despite the challenging market environment. Both revenues and profitability grew at double-digit rates. The Australians now want to take advantage of the current financial year and grow exponentially through targeted acquisitions. In addition to inorganic growth, the Company is also planning to enter North America. This is linked to an intended Nasdaq listing, which should significantly increase the attention of the Company and the share.

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25.01.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

The armaments group posts further territorial gains

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, at the latest, heralded a global, geopolitical turning point. While the last three decades since the fall of the Iron Curtain have been characterized by peace and prosperity, the signs are now pointing to rearmament at all costs in order to put a stop to the aggressor from Eastern Europe. Above all, the governing party with the sunflower in its coat of arms is demanding that heavy weapons be supplied for peace and that the ailing Bundeswehr be made combat-ready by spending billions over the next few years. The primary beneficiary of this change in thinking is the integrated international technology group for mobility and security, Rheinmetall AG, which enjoys a unique selling point thanks to its broadly diversified portfolio.

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24.01.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Convincing drill results show significant potential

Is the economy still alive, or is it heading downhill again in 2023? This was the question posed by participants at the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2022, the central banks had to deal with their primary topic of "currency devaluation" and raised interest rates, in some cases sharply. But the period of significant interest rate hikes is now drawing to a close, although inflation could remain high for a few more months. This is bad news for the economy and society. For precious metals, however, which serve as inflation protection, this is water on the mills. Of the 10 largest gold and silver states in the world is Mexico. In the state of Sonora, the Canadian explorer Tocvan Ventures has impressive findings to report.

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23.01.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Increase in production output by about 140%

They did it again - the next takeover goes over the ticker! Saturn Oil & Gas delivered another bang for the buck in the Canadian oil and gas business on Friday. With the CAD 525 million acquisition of Ridgeback Resources, the Calgary-based company thus makes another giant leap. At a time when fossil raw materials are needed again more than ever, the Canadians have once again succeeded in making a deal of perceivable size. As a result, the daily production rate will increase by 140% to approximately 30,000 BOE/day after the transaction's closing. The total enterprise value is thus getting closer and closer to the billion mark. Good news for all shareholders because the management is sticking to its successful motto: Growth!

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23.01.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Synergistic mRNA pipeline lures pharma giants

The years 2020 and 2021 represent rapid share price gains. In recent trading days, the Defence Therapeutics share has built up momentum reminiscent of the stock market boom of that time. At the same time, things are moving forward operationally. In the coming weeks and months, the Company plans to move several projects related to the fight against cancer into Phase 1 trials. According to market researchers, the market potential for all projects could reach USD 100 billion by 2030. In this report, we learn what is at stake now, what announcements are making prices rise and why a takeover bid is possible at any time.

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20.01.2023, Author: Juliane Zielonka

Tangible opportunity for CardiolRx™ as an Orphan Drug

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death worldwide, which claims at least 17.9 million lives each year. More than 4 out of 5 deaths from cardiovascular disease are due to heart attacks and strokes, 1/3 of which occur in people under 70. The most recent victim: Lisa Marie Presley. The daughter of music legend Elvis Presley lived to be only 54 years old and succumbed to cardiac arrest. Worldwide, 35% of women die from cardiovascular disease - making it the most common cause of death. Life sciences company Cardiol Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CRDL) (TSX: CRDL) is focused on the discovery and clinical development of anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic therapies for the treatment of heart disease. There is news, particularly in recurrent pericarditis.

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19.01.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

West Africa in the starting blocks

Gold has been in strong focus since the turn of the year. Driven by geopolitical uncertainties and a historic inflation rate of just under 10% in Europe, the precious metal approached the USD 2,000 mark again in January. While the gold price in euro terms is only EUR 100 per ounce below the high of August 2020, the gap in the world currency US dollar, is still around USD 170 per ounce or 8% from the nominal all-time high at USD 2,075 per ounce of gold. At the moment, the smaller public companies in the gold segment are trading at a deep discount. In turn, this invites the big players in the market for takeovers because it is currently impossible to buy into the increasingly scarce new gold projects at a lower price. Desert Gold Ventures is sitting on a premium project in Mali, West Africa, and its more prominent neighbors are likely just waiting for the next results.

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18.01.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

Maintained production, but high cost pressure

Gold got off to a good start in 2023, with prices beyond the USD 1,900 mark. Due to the general price increases in the commodity and goods markets, the central banks reacted in 2022 with some upward interest rate adjustments. The onset of inflation also gave precious metals a good raison d'être. That is because they offer wealth preservation in the longer term and protect against excessive loss of purchasing power. Large mining companies thrive on their product diversity and the resulting diversification in their proprietary balance sheets. For investors, the framework conditions for commodity investments have improved dramatically in the last 2 years. However, despite all the euphoria surrounding important metals such as copper, the major producers still lag behind their expectations. Barrick Gold is well positioned with its deposits in gold and copper. Yesterday, the Company delivered its first figures for the full year 2022.

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18.01.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

After the disaster year 2022, now the turnaround?

The past stock market year was a disaster for the loyal Varta shareholders. With a minus of 85%, the popular technology stock has been hit hard. But the new year starts with a bang. Because in the first two trading weeks, the share recorded a plus of around 20%! Many issues put pressure on the mood in 2022: sales and profit forecasts were lowered several times, the resignation of the CEO, and some major shareholders threw bundles of Varta shares onto the market. Many analysts had dramatically lowered their price target because of the operational weaknesses. The new Varta CEO Markus Hackstein has now brought in restructuring experts from Boston Consulting to get the battery manufacturer, which had come under pressure, back on track. We look at the chances of a comeback for the Ellwangen-based technology company.

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16.01.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Platform approach holds potential of more than USD 100 billion - takeover merry-go-round is spinning

Cancer changes everything. Effective remedies against the scourge of our time would be a revolution. Defence Therapeutics is working to turn hope into fact: In the coming weeks, vaccines against cancer are to be combined with Accum, a drug enhancer patented by Defence, and then clinically tested. For the Company, this could mean a breakthrough at a time when the big players in the industry are paying close attention to innovative biotechs with a platform approach. With the help of facts and figures, we outline where Defence Therapeutics currently stands, which projects could ultimately result in a convincing overall picture and why the share has excellent prospects.

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13.01.2023, Author: André Will-Laudien

From steel giant to modern technology company

The second industrial revolution is to begin in an area at the northern end of thyssenkrupp's steel mill in Duisburg. Where steel slabs are currently stored, one of the world's most advanced green steel production plants will go into operation in around three years. Green because hydrogen will be used in production instead of dirty coal. At least, that is how thyssenkrupp Steel envisions it. A lot is currently being done within the Group to give the historic business units a modern face. Will good old thyssenkrupp AG now become a Greentech company?

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12.01.2023, Author: Juliane Zielonka

The third division remains under fire

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, January 9 - 12, 2023, in San Francisco, is the largest and most informative healthcare investment conference, bringing together leaders in the industry. Emerging, fast-growing companies, innovative technology developers and investment community members also find a home here. Bayer Pharma Division Head and Board Member Stefan Oelrich is making investors' hearts beat faster with blockbuster-level new drug announcements and sales estimates. Four new drugs could generate sales of more than EUR 12 billion at peak times. Consumer Health also grew strongly on the back of increased self-medication. Can these two divisions pull Monsanto's beleaguered Crop Science division along? Early investors would like to see a change in leadership and are looking to split up the group to guarantee shareholder value.

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11.01.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Game changer for the battery industry

The start of the new year could not be better for shareholders of the Heidelberg-based portfolio company Altech Advanced Materials. Gains of over 50% are on the price list for the first few days. The share price rally is not surprising, however, as the Company is in tune with the spirit of the times with two innovations in the field of battery technology that could herald a new era in the electromobility sector. The next step towards commercialization is now to be taken with the construction and commissioning of a pilot plant.

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09.01.2023, Author: Stefan Feulner

Strong movement in the uranium sector

Nuclear energy is experiencing a renaissance. With a growing focus on electrification and decarbonization, the world has begun transitioning to clean energy to meet established climate neutrality goals. Alongside the expansion of renewables, nuclear power is becoming an integral part of the global energy mix. Thus, the largest industrialized nations, with the exception of Germany, are relying on nuclear power, attributing to it a key role in achieving the targets. However, due to the Ukraine conflict and possible sanctions against Russia, growing demand has been met with limited supply. The US alone obtains nearly 50% of the uranium it needs from state-owned companies in Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The US government responded with billion-dollar programs to support domestic uranium producers. This benefits the exploration company Oberon Uranium, which is promisingly positioned for a rising market with two projects.

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21.12.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Consistently positive news flow for the hydrogen innovator

The move away from fossil fuels has been decided. The transformation of the traffic and transport sector is underway and is being subsidized by governments worldwide with programmes worth billions. The key to achieving climate goals lies, among other things, in the switch to green hydrogen as an energy carrier. Here, the newcomer First Hydrogen has clearly positioned itself with its "Hydrogen-as-a-Service" model. It wants to cover the entire value chain in the future with the construction of emission-free vehicles and the production and distribution of green hydrogen. With a market capitalization of CAD 233.41 million, the Canadians still have significant upside potential compared to their peer group, despite an outperformance in the current stock market year.

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14.12.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

The course is set for the future

Uncertainties and delays with regard to the further development of the "Smartbroker 2.0" project were the reasons for the crash of the Smartbroker Holding AG share in recent weeks. Thus, the Company lost more than half of its stock market value since the beginning of August. With the announcement of a long-term partnership and a change in strategy, nothing now stands in the way of a successful launch of the Next Generation Broker, which is planned for mid-2023.

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08.12.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Double-digit increase despite difficult conditions

The economic challenges for successful business development could hardly be more challenging than now. First, there was the Corona pandemic, then blown-up supply chains and now steadily rising inflation. Few companies are managing to emerge stronger from the crisis. One of the exceptions is Australian mediatech company Aspermont, which reported high double-digit growth in both revenue and profitability for the fiscal year, demonstrating the resilience of its business model. In the current financial year, the leading media service provider for the global raw materials industry intends to keep growth high and ignite the next stage with investments from organic cash flow.

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29.11.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Over 200 projects in the portfolio - Analysis

The energy turnaround requires billions of euros of investment from the public and private sectors to achieve climate neutrality in the medium term. An important factor here is unrestricted access to important raw materials, the scarcity of which has become extremely acute as a result of the Corona pandemic and geopolitical conflicts. Parallel escalating inflation is making the procurement and production of key high-tech goods much more expensive. The ongoing price hike and increasing trade conflicts could even lead Western industries into a prolonged recession. Globex Mining has recognized the challenges and has been securing key properties for many years, primarily in North America, whose jurisdictions allow for the safe location of mining industries. The investment approach of mining legend Jack Stoch (CEO) is unique in the industry.

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23.11.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Trading with emission certificates moves closer

Delays and restrictions due to the Corona pandemic delayed the global roll-out of dynaCERT's patented HydraGEN technology for reducing CO2 emissions. However, the Company used this idle time to set up global sales in addition to refining the technology. In addition, dynaCERT is nearing completion on Verra's Verified Carbon Standard program, the most widely used greenhouse gas crediting program in the world. This will provide customers with a closed ecosystem, which should lead to high economies of scale. Now, company leader Jim Payne surprised with an innovative move.

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10.11.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

New era in production and cash flow

The oil market has shown strong distortions since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. If you look at the global economic situation, you would inevitably expect the demand for oil to fall. However, due to the sanctions imposed by the Western industrialized nations on the aggressor Russia, other supply routes for the black gold have become established. Europe in particular is severely undersupplied, leading to extreme prices in the industrial and private sectors. If there are any profiteers at all from the current geopolitical situation, it is the oil and gas producers from North America, because they can run their pumps at full throttle and sell at good market prices. It is therefore worth looking again to Saskatchewan.

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07.11.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Immediate solution for emission reduction - analysis

Time is of the essence. Climate change is the most fundamental challenge of our generation. With the amendment of the Climate Protection Act 2021, Germany, for example, has tightened the requirements even further and anchored the goal of greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. For the transformation of transport, which is responsible for around 20% of greenhouse gas emissions according to the German Federal Environment Agency, this means a tour de force that is almost impossible to implement in practice. The hurdles are particularly high in the transport sector. In addition to horrendous investments by the commercial vehicle industry, the lack of charging and refueling infrastructure is an obstacle to being able to bury the internal combustion engine in a timely manner. In a joint declaration at the end of last year, European truck manufacturers such as Daimler, Scania and MAN announced their intention to stop producing diesel trucks by 2040 in order to be climate-neutral by 2050. However, an immediate solution is offered by the Canadian company dynaCERT, which achieves significant emission reductions with its patented HydraGEN technology. With the successful completion of a pilot project, nothing now stands in the way of entry into the mass market.

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31.10.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Share in downward pull despite strong figures

For months, the Chinese technology company BYD was able to escape the general market correction. While the competition around the former top dog Tesla had to struggle with closures of their production facilities due to the Corona pandemic, the Shenzhen-based company was largely spared and secured its place in the sun in Chinese electric car sales, which it was able to expand significantly in the course of the year. However, since the sale of a block of shares by Berkshire Hathaway, the investment firm managed by Warren Buffett, became known, the BYD share price went steeply downhill, losing around 40% of its value at the end of August. Even strong figures for the third quarter could not stop the downward spiral.

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26.10.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Strategically important metals become a scarcity factor

Resources on earth are unequally distributed. Especially in the case of important and rare metals, many production sites are located in China and Russia. Immediately, this brings up political discussions because the strain on supply chains should not lead to dependence on the West for important supplies from geopolitically dubious zones. Recently, delivery of the US's new F35 fighter jet to the US military and allies had to be halted after key components were arguably produced in China. US procurement law prohibits military equipment from being purchased from foreign suppliers. That makes it clear: Almonty Industries is one of the upcoming key producers for the strategically important metal tungsten.

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25.10.2022, Author: Nico Popp

Breakthrough in drug for Parkinson's disease

Opportunities arise for companies when copycat drugs are just as good as the original. The Canadian company XPhyto has taken a big step toward market readiness in the fight against Parkinson's disease. Over the next five minutes, we briefly explain what is important now and how great the opportunities are. We also show how XPhyto is helping to counter the opioid wave in the USA and what imagination lies in the little-noticed business field of psychedelics.

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18.10.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Politicians' commitment to green hydrogen inspires

Politicians worldwide are committing themselves to increasingly ambitious and binding targets for the share of alternative energies in the overall energy mix. Corresponding green projects are being promoted with programs worth billions. For the transport and traffic sector, the European Commission has now prescribed a reduction in greenhouse gas intensity of at least 16% by 2030. The key to achieving the climate targets here lies in the switch to green hydrogen as an energy carrier. To ensure that production can start immediately, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the creation of a new "European Hydrogen Bank" and released a budget of EUR 3 billion from the existing Innovation Fund. First Hydrogen covers the complete value chain with its "Hydrogen-as-a-Service" model and is expected to benefit in all business areas.

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29.09.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Input costs can no longer be calculated

It has happened. Varta AG from Ellwangen has had to suspend its annual targets. Even the complete guidance has been cashed in. In plain English: Varta is stuck in a cost squeeze and cannot pass on the increased manufacturing costs to its customers fast enough. As a result, this leads to temporary losses that will only be recouped when the world market price for Varta's products is again significantly higher than the production price. Specifically, Varta reported that it would no longer be able to achieve its sales and earnings targets in Q3 as well as for the current year. The share price reacted with a 50% drop. Where do we go from here?

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20.09.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Bright prospects in Sonora

The history of precious metal mining in Mexico goes back almost 600 years. As early as the Middle Ages, the glitter of gold exerted a strong attraction among the indigenous people and the later conquerors. Ultimately, the greed for gold was a trigger for many wars, and the advance of the Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America. Today, Mexico is one of the major mining states with a focus on gold and silver. In the state of Sonora, Tocvan Ventures is preparing to start commercial production with two very interesting projects. The prospects are bright and to soon be at the forefront in the slipstream of the big players.

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08.09.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Operationally on track - despite burdens

In international comparison, Germany's financial center is again in danger of falling behind. The German banking summit exposes the weaknesses of our financial system, as it now needs tried and tested remedies. Against the backdrop of the current political upheavals, Germany's vulnerability as an industrial location is becoming apparent in terms of energy security, access to raw materials and the future viability of industry. SMEs are facing a cost explosion in every direction, and the necessary refinancing could also become really expensive in view of the economic parameters. After all, the spectre of insolvency is once again looming, with the government's COVID measures barely noticeable, at least in the last two years. The collapse of brands such as Hakle and Görtz, however, is alarming for the financial world. However the crisis takes its course, how will Deutsche Bank navigate its way through the storm?

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07.09.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

One-time opportunity after the stock market quake?

This news even drowned out the disastrous start to the season of the "Big City Club" Hertha BSC in the capital: The group of companies, formerly known as wallstreet:online AG and now renamed Smartbroker Holding AG, parted company with its CEO Matthias Hach with immediate effect. According to founder and new boss, André Kolbinger, the reason was a difference of opinion regarding the future implementation of "Smartbroker 2.0". The launch of the major project has now been postponed to mid-2023, and a profit warning has already been issued. As a result, the share plummeted by more than 50%. As the new management undoubtedly expects the "online broker for the next generation" to take off, the current level could offer a long-term opportunity for disproportionate share price gains.

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29.08.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

The agreement between Germany and Canada promises considerable potential

The quest for independence from Russian oil and gas is pushing politicians to come up with forward-looking alternative solutions. An agreement has now been concluded between Canada and Germany that is likely to represent a quantum leap for the hydrogen industry. The joint declaration of intent to invest in hydrogen and establish a transatlantic supply corridor between Canada and Germany marks the beginning of Canada's establishment as a major hydrogen producer. One of the biggest beneficiaries is likely the Canadian company First Hydrogen. CEO Balraj Mann already announced that "our 'Hydrogen-as-a-Service model' will be an emissions-free ecosystem solution for Canada and the rest of the world." The opportunities for this are excellent. At the same time, First Hydrogen is valued at a market capitalization of CAD 208.79 million and is still far from the billion-dollar stock market values of its competitors.

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25.08.2022, Author: Carsten Mainitz

Tailwind from fresh capital

Charging infrastructure and the performance of batteries are decisive factors influencing the spread of e-mobility. Altech Advanced Materials is using an innovative coating technology to leave behind the disadvantages of conventional lithium-ion batteries, which already lose significant capacity after the first charging cycle. Using a patented process, batteries with significantly higher performance and service life are now being developed. Test production in a pilot plant is planned. There is much to suggest that the Company will create an e-car battery that is much more powerful than competing products in terms of weight or volume. An update.

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24.08.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Dr. Thomas Gutschlag nominated to the Board

Oil prices are slowly running out of steam, and the oil production companies do not care. In an economic environment where there is enough oil on this planet, it is a gift when prices go through the roof due to hysteria and you can come up with enough product. The oil industry in the US and Canada is back in full swing, with production companies pumping all that their oil pools can deliver. With oil prices at eight-year highs, it is good times for those that have oil production now. Saturn Oil & Gas of Saskatchewan has had the fortunate timing to have developed its production from a few hundred barrels per day in early 2021 to now over 11,000. Here are the figures for the 2nd quarter.

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11.08.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Norwegian hydrogen specialist nevertheless sees strong growth

Hydrogen is one of the ultimate climate protection issues and is not only revolutionizing the automotive industry. The technology is becoming ever more explosive because only the interaction of all alternative and environmentally friendly processes appears promising. Unlike e-mobility, hydrogen with its specifications also reaches air, rail and shipping traffic and thus comes more into the focus of science. The opportunity for investors is favorable, as governments worldwide are proclaiming huge climate protection budgets. Joe Biden has just introduced the largest climate package in US history. Hydrogen is an important part of it. Europe is also getting ready to leap, but how has Nel ASA fared in this environment so far? The share price has already recovered 40% from its low in 2022. We take a critical look at the Norwegian company's half-year results.

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09.08.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

With new platform to old highs

Following its successful transformation from a venerable publishing house to a leading global provider of digital business-to-business media in the mining, energy and agriculture sectors, the signs at Aspermont are clearly pointing to expansion. Thanks to its highly scalable platform technology, the company from Down Under is growing strongly, both vertically and horizontally. With the launch of the financing platform "Blu Horseshoe", a quantum leap and the entry into the lucrative fintech market could now be celebrated. Although comparable projects were recently valued at a multiple of Aspermont's stock market value, the share chart of the Australians has been running sideways for months.

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03.08.2022, Author: Nico Popp

CEO: "Positive effects on entire product pipeline."

Vaccinations against various types of cancer and drug boosters that are suitable for reducing the effective doses of drugs - this is what Defence Therapeutics stood for, until yesterday. Now the Company has expanded its portfolio: the active ingredient AccuTOX™ ensures that cancer cells die. A Phase 1 trial is planned for 2023. Find out what the new application means and how the Company is otherwise positioned in our update.

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01.08.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Bad mood is spreading

It leaves a bad taste when poor numbers are served on a Saturday morning for breakfast. In order to prevent an immediate sellout, VARTA AG probably wants to create the opportunity to brood more closely over the profit warning that was sent out. We had already expected falling sales and profits and the "growing uncertainties" are also nothing new. Nevertheless, VARTA is operating in an absolute growth sector. Anyone who wants to be at the forefront of international competition today has to sail close to the wind. VARTA is obviously having a hard time here, even though the battery market is booming. An update on the data from Ellwangen.

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26.07.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Newcomer establishes itself

Profound changes are underway in the global energy industry. Governments, industry and consumers are in the process of building a climate-neutral economy in which clean hydrogen occupies a key position as a raw material, energy carrier and fuel. In the transport sector in particular, far-reaching transformations are of elementary importance. There have been hardly any resounding successes in recent years, especially in this sector, which is so important for the climate turnaround. Vancouver and London-based First Hydrogen Corp. is a newcomer to the market, specializing in zero-emission vehicles and the production and distribution of green hydrogen. Through its unique "best-of strategy", the experienced management has been able to set clear scent marks in the recent past. A milestone has now been reached with the inclusion in a leading consortium in the UK, which has, however, received little attention from the broader market.

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20.07.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Russian gas could become scarce - Germany's largest energy consumer is looking for alternatives

Germany's energy supply is at risk. One of the major consumers is the chemical giant BASF, which uses gas throughout its production process as an energy and heat supplier, catalyst and indispensable ingredient in packaging and cosmetics. Gas is essential in over 50,000 products - due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, it is now threatening to become scarce in Central Europe. Overall, analysts calculate that a lack of gas supplies from Russia could reduce chemical production in Germany by a fifth by 2024. Some industry stocks are already trading below book value, and the stock market is downgrading Germany's competitiveness compared with the globalized market. Is there any hope for the scolded DAX stock?

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19.07.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

The technology group grows sales figures by more than 300%

Electromobility is considered a key technology in the transformation of the transport sector. In 2021 alone, the number of new registrations and the market share of battery-powered vehicles more than doubled. Sales growth was led by the People's Republic of China, which accounted for more than half, with 3.3 million vehicles. In the Middle Kingdom in particular, the battle for market share is in full swing. BYD, the technology company based in Shenzhen in southern China, left the class leader Tesla behind in the latest sales figures. It is likely to further expand its leading position based on its positioning and battery expertise, which is likely to be reflected in further increases in stock market quotations.

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13.07.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Step by step into a new dimension

In recent weeks, concerns about the development of the global economy have put oil prices under pressure for the first time since the start of the Ukraine - Russia war. High inflation, coupled with the first stronger interest rate hikes by some central banks, is likely to dampen economic development and thus also reduce demand for crude oil. Oil prices are likely to have completed the first cycle of increases, with Brent prices recently reaching USD 135. Now a leveling off is taking place, which will have to find its way through the entire mix of strikes (Norway) and production interruptions (Kazakhstan). The fact remains that oil will have to remain an indispensable commodity for quite a while, because there are too few alternatives. Therefore, even in an incipient recession and continuing uncertain geopolitical conditions, a high oil price is to be expected. In Saskatchewan, Canada, the oil producer Saturn Oil & Gas is growing out of its infancy into a new dimension.

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29.06.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

"Case Study 2026" shows enormous potential

The past business year was extremely successful for Germany's leading "next generation broker" in terms of client assets under management, the Smartbroker. Although wallstreet:online AG, which will operate under the name Smartbroker Holding AG in the future, intends to grow by around 25% in 2022, the current year is considered a transitional year. Currently, the Berliners are working at full speed on Smartbroker 2.0. With the presentation of the "Case Study 2026" at the recent Annual General Meeting, the optimized model was presented - the potential became clear. Due to the significant correction of the share in recent months, this is a more than interesting entry opportunity at a reduced level.

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27.06.2022, Author: Nico Popp

Canaccord analysts with perspective - platform, patents and studies against cancer

In order for markets to function efficiently, theory presupposes a comprehensive level of information among all players involved. But in practice, things sometimes look different: When education is no longer sufficient to understand companies' products and methods, an information deficit arises. The market then also no longer functions efficiently, and market anomalies occur. Especially around biotech stocks, investors repeatedly have problems understanding products, solutions and interrelationships. In the case of Defence Therapeutics, the analysis firm Canaccord Genuity is now shedding comprehensive light on the situation. For investors with insight, this can be an opportunity.

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27.06.2022, Author: Juliane Zielonka

Leverkusen-based company launches 5-point damage limitation plan

On June 21, 2022, the US Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Bayer AG in the case brought by Californian Edwin Hardeman. Bayer AG sought to avoid billions of dollars in damages through the appeal in order to dismiss lawsuits brought by consumers like Hardeman. The Californian claims to have developed cancer from decades of using the weedkiller Roundup on his Bay Area property. Roundup is part of the product portfolio of Monsanto, which Bayer Group acquired in 2016. His lawsuit serves as an example for thousands of similar lawsuits. What does this mean for investors and private investors?

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09.06.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

The German technology group masters the semiconductor crisis

Stagnating supply chains and chip shortages: Because of a lack of semiconductors, between 7 and 10 million fewer cars will be produced than planned in 2021 and 2022, and the auto industry will miss out on billions in sales. When will the scare come to an end? The carmakers probably underestimated the situation from the start. A few months ago, they believed that there would soon be enough semiconductors for their vehicles again. But they were wrong - the chip shortage has become a permanent problem that has now hit the industry like a tornado. And this, of all things, at a time when manufacturers want to make a massive switch to e-mobility, for which even more specialized semiconductors are needed. The German technology group Infineon can hardly save itself from orders in the automotive sector. How is Germany performing as an industrial high-tech location?

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03.06.2022, Author: Carsten Mainitz

Massive undervaluation of the African gold explorer

Desert Gold Ventures is a Canadian gold exploration and development company focused on gold deposits in Africa, primarily West Africa. The Company's SMSZ project is one of the largest gold exploration projects in West Africa and has more than 20 open gold zones discovered to date. The project has the potential for further resource increases and the discovery of one or more large gold deposits comparable to Tier 1 gold mines in the region. Current news, project progress, and increasing M&A activity in the industry should boost the stock.

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02.06.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Reaching to a new league

Oil prices are spiraling upward every day, and now the EU is threatening to impose an oil embargo on the aggressor Russia. This is increasingly complicating Germany's situation because the already difficult gas supply situation for the coming winter is now being compounded by the alternative procurement of oil on the world markets. This is happening at prices that have recently climbed to a 14-year high. Germany was dependent on Russian energy supplies for around 40% of its energy needs until 2021. On the other side of the Atlantic, however, oil production is going from strength to strength. Saturn Oil + Gas from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is pulling off another mammoth takeover, this time with a volume of CAD 260 million. Production can increase by 50% as a result of the deal. The Western procurement market is already giving thanks. We do the math.

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01.06.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Strong price correction yields attractive opportunities

Sometimes it is a paradox on the capital markets: While the operating business is developing better than ever and all segments are rushing from record to record, the share price is falling drastically. This can be clearly seen at wallstreet:online AG, on the one hand Germany's leading neobroker operator by assets under custody and also by far the largest publisher-independent financial portal operator in the German-speaking world. After share price losses of up to 50% since June of last year and a positive outlook for the year as a whole, the management is now buying in addition to the supervisory board and founder.

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31.05.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Share falls despite agreement on special assets of the German Armed Forces

The winners of the Ukraine conflict, as macabre as it may sound, are primarily arms companies such as Düsseldorf-based Rheinmetall AG. While these companies were still denounced as "socially harmful" shortly before the invasion of Russia, the share prices exploded at the latest after the announcement of a special fund of EUR 100 billion for the German Armed Forces. In addition, in order to create sustainability, at least 2% of economic output annually is to secure Germany's security, freedom and democracy in the long term. Now the agreement reached by the traffic light government and the CDU/CSU has cleared the way for the package. However, there was no further jump in the share price of the profiteer. In addition, further questions remain open for the future.

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17.05.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Guidance raised after fourth consecutive record quarter!

The dramatic changes in the energy markets are now being eyed with suspicion by European governments, because dependence on Russian oil and gas supplies may mean considerable expenditure on a replacement strategy in the future. Even at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the oil price fell below USD 35 - in the days since the Russian aggression, prices have been reported to exceed USD 130. By thinking about embargoes, theoretically 11% of the world's energy supplies fall under the table. Fortunately, it is not like that, because India and China are happy about the Russian exports at dumping prices and thus relieve the global markets somewhat. North America is seizing the opportunity and is on the rise again with fracking, as even oil fields with production costs beyond the CAD 60 mark are once again profitable. The Canadian Saturn Oil + Gas from Saskatchewan has undergone a complete transformation in the last two years, and today they are stronger than ever in the market. The company delivered approximately 7,500 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day in Q1 2022, this is an improvement of over 3,000% over the same period in 2021. The current share price development has not yet reflected the special development of Saturn Oil + Gas, because in addition to recent quarterly figures, there is now also an increase in guidance.

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16.05.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

However, more momentum is needed to achieve the annual targets

Varta puts a difficult quarter behind it. The battery expert continues to suffer from weak demand for the otherwise fast-growing lithium-ion button cells. Although growth in energy storage systems and interest in conventional household batteries remain high, this cannot currently compensate for the decline in small rechargeable button cells. The sales from the e-mobility sector that the stock market is eagerly awaiting are still a long way off. Consequently, confidence is fading and investors are becoming much more cautious. A poor chart performance and the current crisis in growth stocks are not helping either. More operational momentum is needed in the course of the year. Here is an update from Ellwangen.

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05.05.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Hydrogen Pearl of the North - What is going on here?

The Ukraine crisis shows the vulnerability of European energy policy. Continuing as before not only jeopardizes supply but also political stability in Europe because a permanent doubling of energy prices would put an extreme strain on purchasing power and future growth. The sooner the EU switches to renewables, the sooner the community of nations will become more independent and the more it will gain control over its own energy system. The energy renewal plan recently presented by the EU Commission, called "REPowerEU," is a bold initiative. With REPowerEU, the climate policy gains another crucial justification: it is no longer only necessary to mitigate the serious consequences of global warming, such as droughts, floods, social conflicts and migration in emerging economies. It is now also clear that a consistent climate policy will be part of the coming peace policy.

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02.05.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Live events generate exceptional growth

Last year, the leading media services provider for the commodities industry completed its transformation into a B2B digital media company, distributing high-quality content to a rapidly growing global audience through its XaaS model. Although the live events division slipped away due to the Corona pandemic, the Australians successfully navigated the period marked by COVID-19, and the Company made significant strides toward growth and profitability. The Future of Mining Australia event has now heralded a return to physical events, enabling Aspermont to generate exceptional returns. The figures for the second quarter clearly show the enormous potential for the future.

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26.04.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Prices fall despite major order

The conditions for a transformation of the energy industry could not be better. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the declared sanctions, the switch from fossil fuels such as oil and gas to renewable energies is to be accelerated significantly once again in order to reduce dependence on Russia. Green hydrogen is seen as the key to achieving climate targets and is becoming increasingly competitive due to the sharp rise in gasoline prices. In the long term, market leader Plug Power should benefit from its green hydrogen ecosystem. Despite this, the chart is severely battered and a major correction is imminent.

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20.04.2022, Author: Juliane Zielonka

With free cash flow through lawsuits, war and inflation

Last year went well for Bayer AG, with a consolidated net income of EUR 1 billion. In 2020, Bayer had posted a loss of EUR 10.5 billion. This was largely due to the formation of reserves for the Monsanto litigation. The Group also has to forfeit the loss of exclusivity rights to two of its most profitable pharmaceutical products. However, the seed business is picking up, as is the demand for pesticides. Thanks to its CropScience, Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health divisions, Bayer has three mainstays. Back in the black, the Leverkusen-based company faces its next challenge: potential crisis effects from the Ukraine war and its consequences on the global economy have not yet been priced in.

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13.04.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

The Canadians go one better

Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, oil and gas prices have been moving very strongly upwards. Currently, Brent and WTI spot prices are hovering in a narrow band of USD 95 to 112 per barrel. That makes it very difficult for large energy consumers such as industry or public utilities to make their price calculations over several months. Of course, the underlying trend in prices continues to be upward, as inflation now affects all types of goods. There are currently high spirits at the Canadian oil producer Saturn Oil & Gas because the financial transformation of the last few months has been completed, and there is now a resource estimate that beats all expectations. An update.

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31.03.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Figures in line, outlook not convincing

The Ukraine crisis and its humanitarian catastrophe have shown the Western industrial nations that a singular dependence on fossil raw materials can become a serious supply threat in the event of a conflict. Economic weapons are used as leverage in today's warfare; sanctions are followed by supply bottlenecks and supply shortages. Political decision-makers now have these points clearly on the table. All the more reason for industry and consumers to join forces: alternative energies must be put on the table even sooner than expected. Now, Europe in particular must show that an economic union can also consistently pursue common paths to crisis management. Varta AG represents the German art of engineering and can make a big splash with its innovative approaches to energy technology. An update from Ellwangen.

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30.03.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

The Group benefits from the boom and restructures itself

Last year, fertilizer producer Kali + Salz already benefited from increased demand from farmers and sharply rising prices for potash, one of the most important mineral fertilizers for plant cultivation. Following Russia's war of aggression and the sanctions imposed on companies such as Uralkali and Belaruskali, which account for around one-third of production among themselves, supply is once again being minimized. As a result, the base price is rising to its highest level in ten years and is only just off its all-time highs of 2008. By focusing on its core business with potash and magnesium products, the MDAX company could thus benefit disproportionately in the future.

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22.03.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Figures: Smartbroker rushes from one record result to the next

For wallstreet:online AG, the past fiscal year brought new records despite a slowdown in the boom of general stock trading. Thus, almost all issued group targets were surpassed. In terms of assets under management, the Company also rose to become by far the largest neobroker operator in Germany with more than EUR 8.8 billion. The internal targets for the current year 2022 are also ambitious. A new era is now to begin with Smartbroker 2.0. After the recent turbulence in the wake of the Ukraine conflict and the correction of the overall market, the wallstreet:online share lost significantly. This results in attractive long-term entry opportunities.

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15.03.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

Guidance has it all

The armed conflicts between Ukraine and Russia have had a lasting impact on the commodity markets. In an already tense price situation, the US import ban on Russian oil is causing further distortions on the energy markets. The sharp sanctions imposed by many countries had caused Brent and WTI prices to rise to over USD 130 at times. It was not until the beginning of this week that prices eased again slightly to below USD 110. However, analysts and experts in conflict monitoring expect further uncertainties in the supply situation. The situation is aggravated by the fact that Iran is currently unable to increase its production due to stalled nuclear negotiations and OPEC is also still unable to significantly increase production. In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, there is still one high-growth oil producer that is moving to new shores. Update.

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09.03.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Significant risk to the West's security of supply

Both politicians and industry are taking a high risk in order to achieve the climate targets. Fossil fuels are to be replaced by alternative energy sources as quickly as possible. In turn, the consumption of metallic raw materials is increasing in order to build renewable, energy-efficient systems. In addition to copper, cobalt and nickel, the demand for rare earth metals, which have to be imported almost entirely from China, is increasing dramatically. Now it is not only about the economic security of the West, but also its military security, as it is considered essential for the defense industry. The dependency is frightening given the currently escalating geopolitical tensions. Alternatives outside China are few and far between. A Canadian company could provide some relief in the supply chains, offering to supply around 10% of current global production in the near future. As explained below, the chances of this happening are extremely favorable.

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09.03.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

The green revolution from Essen - Analysis

Anyone looking for modern technologies, will find them at thyssenkrupp AG. After years of restructuring, the Essen-based group can report an initial positive conclusion: The transformation to modernity has been successfully implemented! The sale of non-core activities is not yet complete, but the measures of the transformation program are already taking effect. In its new form, thyssenkrupp AG and its subsidiaries are now a high-performing group with strong independent businesses. At present, the risks of significantly increased raw material prices and disrupted supply chains remain, but they should be manageable over time and no longer pose a threat to the medium-term outlook. However, the continuation of the armed conflicts in Eastern Europe directly impacts individual areas of the thyssenkrupp Group. We analyze the opportunities and risks.

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02.03.2022, Author: Carsten Mainitz

Nickel - Demand boom due to electromobility

In the debate about the spread of electromobility and the battery metals required, the focus is often on the raw materials lithium, cobalt and copper. Another key raw material is criminally neglected: nickel. Due to its specific properties, the metal is of central importance in implementing the energy and transport revolution. Demand for the raw material will continue to increase in the foreseeable future, and sufficient supplies of the metal will become increasingly critical. This is the hour of (prospective) nickel producers. One of these companies, which is currently under the radar of most investors with a stock market value of around CAD 15 million, is Power Nickel. The Company is focused on a high-potential battery metal project in Canada. The gold-copper assets will be taken public in the next few months as a spin-off in a separate company. This sharpens the equity story and should give the share positive impetus. In the short term, important newsflow is expected from the current drilling program at the battery metal project. A new resource estimate announced for the second quarter could provide the impetus for a significantly higher valuation of the shares.

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01.03.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Geopolitical tensions fuel the business

Since Russian troops invaded Ukraine, the world has changed fundamentally. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered for peace demonstrations across Europe over the weekend, but a solution to the conflict seems frighteningly distant. On the contrary, with the exclusion of Russian financial institutions from the SWIFT system and further sanctions, the situation threatens to worsen. To ensure Germany's security in the future, the German government plans to release a total of EUR 100 billion for the German armed forces in 2022 via a special fund for investments and defense projects. In addition, at least 2% of gross domestic product is to flow into defense each year with immediate effect. This news is tantamount to reassessment for the Rheinmetall defense group, which already posted record results in 2021.

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23.02.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Caution is advised due to ambitious plans - The analysis

In around 20 years, industry, mobility, electricity and heat generation are to be completely climate-neutral, and fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal are increasingly being replaced by renewable energies. In addition to wind and solar energy, policymakers are increasingly focusing on hydrogen as a source of energy. According to a study, experts such as the Hydrogen Council estimate that the invisible, odorless and non-toxic gas will have a market volume of USD 2.5 trillion by 2050. As a pioneer and leading manufacturer of fuel cells, NASDAQ-listed Plug Power aims to profit by building a comprehensive green hydrogen ecosystem that spans production, storage, delivery and power generation. The projections issued by management through 2025 sound euphoric. Yet some questions remain.

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21.02.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

The interest rate turnaround as a catalyst for rising margins

From an investor's point of view, 2022 is much more challenging than 2021. Inflation flared up noticeably last year. The dimension was still quite manageable for market participants and growth-oriented investors, as the capital market interest rate remained in a minus interest rate scenario shaped by the central banks until the fall of 2021. Now, however, the tide has turned: In January, the U.S. Federal Reserve was confronted with an inflation rate of 7.5%, the highest rate of price increases since 1982. The markets reacted with shock and sent the ten-year U.S. Treasury rate above the magic 2% mark. It is now becoming much more expensive for all those seeking capital, but those who are now smelling spring air are the banks because the interest margin that had been out of sight for almost a decade is returning. The original banking business is back, and for the industry leader Deutsche Bank it is like a comeback to the premier league.

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16.02.2022, Author: Carsten Mainitz

Innovations make it possible

The mobility revolution is in full swing. The future belongs to battery-powered vehicles. The sales figures for e-cars are rising sharply worldwide. So is the price for the all-important raw material lithium. With innovative approaches, Altech Advanced Materials AG could revolutionize the market for lithium-ion batteries. Conventional lithium-ion batteries already lose significant power during the first charging cycle. Altech uses an anode coating with high-purity aluminum oxide (HPA) and an enrichment of silicon. In this way, battery performance can be increased by more than 15%, and service life can be extended by as much as 30%. The Company is still a long way from bringing its products to market. The next stage is to set up a pilot production facility and demonstrate commercial and industrial production. If this succeeds, customers are likely to be knocking at the Company's doors. An analysis.

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15.02.2022, Author: Nico Popp

Market rewards efforts

At the beginning of December last year, we took an in-depth look at the Canadian biotech company XPhyto Therapeutics. The in-depth report looked at the three divisions - Diagnostics, Innovative Dosage Forms and Psychedelics - and put the business in the context of the overall market. In the meantime, a lot has happened at XPhyto: the Company has published an update on the individual business areas and announced news around its activities in rapid PCR-quality corona tests. Reason enough for an update.

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08.02.2022, Author: Nico Popp

Success now also with HPV vaccination

After years of hype, the prices of the best-known biotech shares have also fallen recently. The Canadian cancer hopeful Defence Therapeutics (ISIN: CA24463V1013) has also lost ground in recent months. Yet the Company is on a strong course. Defence Therapeutics has patented Accum™, a technology for drug conjugates, which it also uses for vaccinations. Two Phase 1 trials are scheduled to start against breast and skin cancer this year. In addition, Defence Therapeutics has another iron in the fire with a vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV). As Defence CEO Sébastien Plouffe points out, some major industry players are already showing interest in collaborations. An update.

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01.02.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Partnerships fuel growth

The market correction for stocks related to electromobility, hydrogen and fuel cell technology continued to gain momentum in recent weeks. However, First Hydrogen (ISIN:CA32057N1042) was able to escape this. Since the publication of our initial report at the end of December '21, the share price has increased by around 63%. In addition to the positive share price performance, the Company has also shone on a fundamental level. For example, First Hydrogen is making good progress with the market launch of hydrogen filling stations. In addition, the quality of the management staff was significantly increased in order to achieve the targets.

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26.01.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

The digital media house faces a golden future

Digitalization is one of the most important social and economic developments of our time. Companies face the challenge of rethinking business operations and processes with the help of existing digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things, blockchain or artificial intelligence, and in some cases implementing radically new processes. While many projects fail, the transition from the analog industrial age to knowledge and creativity shaped by digital technologies and digital innovations offers opportunities to establish new, highly scalable business models. In 2015, the former publishing house Aspermont started its digital transformation by building a unique platform technology. This transformation was completed last year. Since then, the expansion phase has been gaining momentum. The opportunities for the Australian company are enormous but have hardly been noticed by the market yet.

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24.01.2022, Author: Carsten Mainitz

1 million ounces of gold - Further announcements expected

The Canadian gold explorer had an impressive start to the new year by reaching a milestone. The Company has one of the largest non-producing land areas in West Africa. Located in Mali, Africa's third-largest gold producer, the project has enormous development potential. The right course has been set. It is just a matter of when, not if, the Company will reevaluate. Furthermore, the Canadians are increasingly a potential takeover candidate.

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19.01.2022, Author: Carsten Mainitz

Study demonstrates cannabinoids from cannabis effective in treating COVID-19

Humanity is still caught up in the covid pandemic. The shares of vaccine manufacturers have skyrocketed. Despite great successes in combating the pandemic, there are also downsides. These are secondary damages, such as damage to the heart. This is where the Canadian company Cardiol Therapeutics comes in. The company is currently undergoing promising clinical trials with preparations based on cannabidiol that are intended to treat inflammatory heart disease. Recent research shows that cannabis ingredients can prevent infection with the Corona virus by blocking its entry into cells. This suggests that Cardiol’s preparations could have blockbuster potential. Analysts unanimously believe that the shares, which are also listed on the NASDAQ, have the potential to multiply.

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18.01.2022, Author: Stefan Feulner

Valuation gap widens further

wallstreet:online AG has presented an interim report for the past year. It clearly shows what already became clear in the Report 2021 a discrepancy in the company valuation compared to the peer group. The number of securities accounts and the assets under management could now be more than doubled compared to the previous year. According to the data, the company is the largest neobroker operator in Germany, with EUR 8.8 billion in assets under custody.

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13.01.2022, Author: André Will-Laudien

An analysis of the H2 market - Green hydrogen is coming!

Hydrogen is the ultimate future topic and is not only revolutionizing the automotive industry. The topic is becoming explosive because e-mobility cannot solve all the problems of the future and cannot be used in many areas. With its specification, hydrogen is also reaching air, rail and shipping traffic and is thus coming more into the focus of science. Will it be the topic for 2022? The opportunity for investors is favorable as governments around the world declare climate protection budgets. Germany and France plan to jointly invest tens of billions in transforming their industries. Norwegian H2 specialist Nel ASA is one of the European pioneers in electrolyzer technology. But what are the opportunities for investors in 2022 after a 300% increase since 2018? A look at the overall market and specifically at the stock.

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27.12.2021, Author: Stefan Feulner

The newcomer uses the best of the best

Achieving the energy transition is at the top of the political agenda, at least in Germany. One of the biggest challenges here is to achieve climate neutrality in the transport sector by 2045. After all, according to the Federal Environment Agency, the sector is responsible for around 20% of total greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast to the energy sector or industry, CO2 emissions have even increased since 1990 despite the development of more efficient vehicles. Therefore, significant changes are needed to reverse emissions growth and meet new mandates while meeting the increasing demand for mobility and freight. In the passenger vehicle sector, both the automotive industry and policymakers are focusing on battery technology. In contrast, hydrogen fuel cell technology offers clear advantages over electric propulsion for commercial vehicles, which are responsible for about 35% of transportation emissions. First Hydrogen aims to become the leading designer and manufacturer of zero-emission, long-range hydrogen-powered vehicles in the UK, EU and North America. The conditions for this are favorable. That is why we are taking a closer look at this exciting market.

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14.12.2021, Author: Nico Popp

Immuno-oncology, drug conjugates - analysts take a look

Vaccines against cancer and improved transport of active substances into tumor cells - the Canadian biotech company Defence Therapeutics promises no less with its patented technology. In the next six months, Defence Therapeutics intends to prove that its vaccines are safe in Phase 1 trials. That finding could be a liberating blow for the company. Read our research to find out what else makes the biotech tick and why the stock is entering an exciting phase.

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08.12.2021, Author: Carsten Mainitz

It goes on - look ahead and at the market.

We are in the middle of the fourth Corona wave. Uncertainty about the effects of the new mutation Omicron recently weighed on the mood on the stock markets. Skeptical statements by Moderna's CEO on the controllability of the new variant are irritating, especially since BioNTech has an entirely different view of the situation. This uncertainty hit Valneva, a new Corona vaccine supplier looking to throw its hat into the ring, particularly hard. Shares in the French-Austrian biotech company lost significant ground after - at first glance - disappointing results on the suitability of their vaccine as a booster vaccine. Valneva's approach with so-called dead vaccines contrasts with vector or mRNA vaccines, which are currently exclusively used. Dead vaccines have been used in medicine for a long time (tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, influenza vaccination) and are considered well-established. The new vaccine category could thus persuade vaccine skeptics to get vaccinated. Approval of the Valneva vaccine in the EU has been applied for, and initial orders have been received. The green light from the health authorities should come soon. US-based Novavax should be even quicker to market with a protein vaccine. What chances do the newcomers have? Are they the new top dogs?

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07.12.2021, Author: Nico Popp

Covid19 PCR rapid test in 25 minutes - hope in the fight against depression

Early-stage biotech companies rarely provide detailed insights into their universe. It is not surprising, as the market for diagnostics in the context of Covid-19, in particular, is highly competitive. The company featured here, XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. is reportedly preparing to take off in the coming weeks and months in not one but two of three business areas. Specifically, it is looking at precise and rapid PCR testing that does not require a traditional lab and promises results in 25 minutes. But it is also about testing methods for other typical diseases. Regarding medications, the provider presented here is working on procedures to improve their effect on patients and even produce them more cheaply. The following report on biotech summarizes which company XPhyto wants to catch up with in the long term and the market potential. An insight into a very dynamic market.

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01.12.2021, Author: André Will-Laudien

Closing the gap on tungsten? Insight into an exciting market.

The shortage of critical metals could lead to a huge problem for high-tech industries. The leading producer for many industrial metals is China, as in the case of tungsten. Although the Middle Kingdom dominates the tungsten market and has numerous mines in operation, imports to China recently increased by a full 20% YOY. This is one of the best leading indicators for a new market scenario because, after all, China has controlled the market so far. Now the country even has to buy in the already empty international market. A demand overhang could not be clearer. Almonty Industries can cover an important share of global tungsten demand in the medium term.

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30.11.2021, Author: Nico Popp

Does the megatopic of sustainability now also ensure sustainable profits?

For years, the climate and energy turnaround has determined events in the economy. Since the coalition agreement of the upcoming German government was presented, it has become clear that sustainability and renewable energy sources will become even more important in the future. Reason enough to take a closer look at the shares of wind turbine manufacturer Nordex. Can shareholders now hope for a significant boost in demand? What role do sluggish approval procedures play in operational progress on the German market? Which global markets are gaining in importance? How can we succeed in boosting the still relatively weak margins in times of raw material shortages? Answers to these and other questions are in the following article.

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29.11.2021, Author: Stefan Feulner

Major shareholder continues to buy

Stock market trading experienced a real boom in 2020 as a result of the Corona lockdowns. A new group of investors, primarily from "Generation Z", took a liking to buying and selling company shares. Rising customer and transaction numbers helped online brokers to achieve record sales and profits. The neobrokers in particular, which appeal to tech-savvy customers with simple trading via smartphone, have already achieved valuations in the billions in various capital rounds. In comparison, wallstreet:online AG with its Smartbroker lags significantly behind newcomers to the industry such as Trade Republic & Co. in terms of perception and valuation. And this, although the existing assets show a different picture. We take a look at the situation.

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24.11.2021, Author: Carsten Mainitz

Undervaluation should dissipate soon

In view of high inflation, which is certain to continue, there are good opportunities for precious metal prices to rise in the medium term. As a rule, gold stocks exhibit a high sensitivity to gold price developments over longer periods. High-opportunity stocks are particularly rare. The Canadians presented here hold 45% in the Barsele Gold Project in Sweden. Even though a takeover failed for the time being, a closing can apparently be expected next year. That would lead to a rapid re-rating of the stock. The project currently has a 2019 resource estimate of 2.4 million ounces of gold combined with the potential to expand this to 3.5 million ounces in the near future. Analysts already attest to the stock's significant upside potential. The project size also makes the Canadians a takeover candidate. We look at the details.

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23.11.2021, Author: Stefan Feulner

Exciting weeks for the share

Visionary technologies have a significant impact on how we will live and work in the future. Digitization is shaping our daily interactions with friends, partners and even family. In this context, the Corona pandemic acted as a catalyst for spatially independent working. Lockdown measures and the relocation of the workplace to the home created an entirely new situation for society. A new work situation that started with mobile working in the years before Corona has now experienced a significant acceleration. In addition to companies such as Zoom or Slack, TeamViewer also benefited with its comprehensive solution for remote access, remote control and remote maintenance. As a result of the rapid growth, the Göppingen-based software company invested massively in personnel and brand development. Now, the trend is slowing down, and TeamViewer is facing one of the most important phases in its fifteen-year company history. Our analysis.

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18.11.2021, Author: Carsten Mainitz

Extension of gold zones offer revaluation: The background

Inflation is on everyone's lips. In addition, interest rates are low, so investors from the major economies of Europe and North America are currently suffering a loss of purchasing power of around 4% to 6% per year. A proven strategy for asset protection over a more extended period of time is to invest in tangible assets such as shares, real estate or precious metals. In addition to physical investments in gold, gold shares are also an option. With these, the precious metal price increase can usually be leveraged. This connection is especially true for exploration companies. Therefore, rising gold prices and an upcoming resource estimate are good reasons to take a closer look at Desert Gold Ventures. The Company could become a desirable takeover candidate in the future.

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10.11.2021, Author: André Will-Laudien

Profiting from skyrocketing energy prices

Is the world on the brink of a total transformation of all forms of energy generation to date? According to the statements made by the participants at the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Europe is currently of the opinion that CO2-generating fossil energy production will be significantly reduced in the near future. OPEC takes a completely different view, seeing the share of oil in the energy mix declining only marginally by 2045. And to top it all off, China is even building 200 new coal-fired power plants, thus pushing the EU's climate policy goals into the realm of fairy tales from Glasgow.

If you take a closer look, you will notice: Without Asia and the USA, there is no relief for the climate and this probably means an extension of the grandfathering for the 'black gold'. We take a closer look at the facts at hand.

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09.11.2021, Author: Carsten Mainitz

A look at the value.

After a brilliant rally last year, gold stocks are in correction mode this year. From a historical perspective, however, the current level of around USD 1,800 can be considered high. In the medium term, the prospects for rising precious metal prices look good. Decisive framework conditions are the low interest rate level, inflation, economic growth, the condition of the stock markets and the level of gold reserves or the long-term production outlook. We provide a deeper insight into the situation of Barrick Gold and the industry.

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08.11.2021, Author: André Will-Laudien

Full charge for the exciting E-age? An analysis.

In ten years, electric cars are expected to compete with combustion engines not only in terms of range, but also in price. The hunt for new battery models has long been on. German companies are also involved. How far will the top dog from Germany manage to advance into the e-mobility segment and secure a significant share of the market? What is currently driving the company? Is the stock market valuation justified? A look at the present and the future, and in particular at the figures.

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