29.06.2023, Author: Nico Popp

Stock News: Defence Therapeutics unveils extensive patent portfolio — Commercialization has priority - Hot phase begins

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More is better. According to this motto, the innovative cancer specialist Defence Therapeutics has built an extensive patent portfolio in recent years. Here we discuss the areas in which patents have been filed, what options Defence Therapeutics has as a result, and what will be crucial for the Company, which is facing several clinical trials in 2023 in the coming weeks.

Seven patent families cover four application areas

The Canadian biotech company Defence Therapeutics is characterized by various technologies suitable for developing innovative vaccines and novel chemotherapeutics. Even in the field of transporting "gene scissors" or innovative methods of nuclear medicine, Defence Therapeutics aims to make an impact. At the heart of these multifaceted projects is Accum™, a technology that has been in Defence Therapeutics' portfolio for years and which the Company has been developing gradually. Recently, an international patent application caused a stir, protecting Accum™ in particular in the context of the "gene scissors" CRISPR and the transport of mRNA vaccines into target cells. Indeed, the latest patent is not the only intellectual property on which the Canadian cancer specialist's success is based: The Company has filed a total of seven patent families over the years, covering four areas of Accum™ use.

Specifically, the patents cover the role of Accum™ as a classic antibody-drug conjugate. Simply put, these ADCs piggyback active ingredients and deliver them into affected cells. The second area of application involves the property of Accum™ to be exceedingly toxic in potentiated form and to induce premature cell death in affected cells - such as cancer. In experiments with mice, Defence Therapeutics has already shown that the size of lymphomas decreases significantly, and the survival rate increases when this form of Accum™ (AccuTOX™) is administered. Furthermore, it has been observed that AccuTOX™ forms hydrogels after dissolution and subsequent incubation in various aqueous solvents - this is where Defence Therapeutics sees room for further innovation.

Defence Therapeutics has built an extensive patent portfolio in recent years. Source: Defence Therapeutics

Accum™ as a jack-of-all-trades: vaccination against cancer to "gene scissors"

The third area of application for Accum™, which is also protected by two patents, involves its ability to enhance the presentation of various tumor, viral or bacterial antigens by antigen-presenting cells. Antigen-presenting cells ensure that pathogens or cancer, for example, are recognized and promote their elimination by T cells in the form of an immune response. The fourth application of Accum™ concerns its ability to efficiently deliver various therapeutically relevant cargoes, including polynucleotides, recombinant proteins, and even nucleoprotein complexes, into the cytosol or nucleus of cells. These amino acid chains make up genetic information such as RNA or DNA. They also include proteins that can bind to RNA or DNA. The patent most recently filed by Defence Therapeutics thus covers the property of Accum™ as an auxiliary technology of mRNA vaccines as well as the property as a carrier of procedures such as CRISPR, making it the fourth use case for the flexible technology. In practice, overlaps between the individual application areas or combinations of different approaches are also likely to be conceivable.

For Defence Therapeutics, the patent portfolio, which has grown over the years, is an opportunity for targeted collaborations with specialized partners or even the granting of rights of use in return for royalty payments. Even though "only" three developments from Defence Therapeutics are currently about to enter clinical trials - in addition to the ARM vaccine against cancer and AccuTOX™, a protein vaccine against cervical cancer is also a promising candidate - the comprehensive patent protection opens up new opportunities for Defence Therapeutics. For instance, the Accum™ technology could help stumbling biotech projects of other companies get back on track. The latest company announcement highlights the areas in which Defence Therapeutics can become a potential collaboration partner. This can both assist in initiating such collaborations and benefit the Company's visibility with investors.

Renowned law firm watches over patent portfolio

"Defence's proactive and aggressive approach in securing patent protection for all aspects of our technologies serves to maximize the commercialization potential and increase the intrinsic value of the Company as we continue to work toward the goal of bringing our innovative therapeutic technologies to market and sustainably improving the lives of patients worldwide", confirms Sébastien Plouffe, President and Chief Executive Officer of Defence. All Defence Therapeutics' patents are managed by ROBIC LLP**, a Montreal-based, Canada law firm specializing in intellectual property in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Defence CEO Sébastien Plouffe has his sights firmly set on the commercialization of Accum™. Photo: Defence Therapeutics

Interim summary: Operationally exciting weeks ahead

Defence Therapeutics' now extensive patent portfolio secures the Company's intellectual property and ensures that shareholders will also benefit should Accum™ achieve a commercial breakthrough in any of its various application areas. Professional investors, in particular, are likely to attach great importance to seeing Defence Therapeutics' intellectual property protected and are likely to base their investment decisions on this.

However, comprehensive patent protection is merely the foundation for future success. Operational progress remains the decisive factor for Defence Therapeutics. With upcoming Phase I trials around various applications of Accum™, such as the ARM vaccine against various types of cancer, the chemotherapeutic AccuTOX™, and the protein vaccine against cervical cancer, the Company has several promising projects on offer. These provide numerous opportunities for Defence Therapeutics to make its mark. The comparative study between a "naked" mRNA vaccine and one in combination with Accum™, announced a few weeks ago, is also anticipated by many potential investors. The mRNA technology is considered cost-effective and flexible - in recent months, more than a few acquisitions in the biotech sector have revolved around precisely this technology. Defence Therapeutics has already filed the corresponding patent. Now it is a matter of confirming the potential clinically.

The coming weeks will be exciting - for the Company and the share. Source: Refinitiv Eikon, as of 6/28/2023, 6 p.m.

The update is based on the initial report 12/2021

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